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    Originally posted by Erwin
    Welcome aboard Ron.

    Erwin, good point, I let them know about it a couple days ago and it looks like they adjusted the default.



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      Originally posted by Erwin
      vB-Host... you may want to make sure your hosting plans can be seen on your site. At the moment they don't show up unless you make your thread view longer than 30 days.

      Thanks Erwin! We have upgraded to vB 3 and have started over our forums. When I configured them, I set all posts to 1000 days now


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        Originally posted by
        Thanks Erwin! We have upgraded to vB 3 and have started over our forums. When I configured them, I set all posts to 1000 days now
        Simple question. Why didnt you backup or upgrade when you moved to vB3? I would be a little torked if I was a customer that had to re-register everytime you upgrade your forums.
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          Gee, I feel like odd man out. I decided to try for my active community. I posted a question on the forums and asked which of the packages, if any, were suitable for my active community. I signed up for the 400/4000 plan with the intention of evaluating it for a couple weeks knowing that offers (or did offer?) a thirty day money back guarantee.

          As soon as I installed vBulletin and showed it to my fellow administrators (the board was never open to the public because I run vBulletin elsewhere), I noted that the server load levels were extremely high with just three administrators on the site poking around. I monitored the server loads over a period and time and realized that the shared server just wouldn't work for us. I knew that dumping a buncha active members on the site would send the server load through the roof, affecting performance substantially.

          I sent an email asking how to cancel my account and request a refund. I received the instructions and followed them implicitly. Four days later I still hadn't received a refund but didn't think too much of it until I received a notice from PayPal that my account had been debited by AGAIN, despite my prior request for cancellation. I immediately dispatched another email which included a copy of my original email. No response. I went to the help desk and posted a help ticket. No response. I sent an email to [email protected]. No response. I found ANOTHER help desk associated with the Forum Host and tried to post another help ticket. The page would never load to allow me to post it. I have now filed a fraud claim with PayPal which means my PayPal account will probably be frozen. Lovely.

          I'm not sure why my requests are going unanswered. Perhaps part of the problem is that my request is low priority and taking people's money is high priority. Just so you know, the issue at hand isn't the $49.90. It is the principle of the matter. They advertised a thirty day refund policy and have failed to stand behind it. That is inexcusable, in my opinion.

          Anyone interested in copies of my attempts to correspond with The Forum Host/ are welcome to PM me.

          Forewarned is forearmed.


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            Please take all complaints and communications about vB-Host to them and their forums. Thanks.
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