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    I'm currently hosting my site with AIT which I've become extremely unhappy with. Their quality of service has severely degraded over the last couple of months ever since they decided to move my site "on to a more stable server platform". When they did, they put my site on a server that was not configured with PHP which killed my forums and database. After complaining to them, they went and installed PHP3 as a "temporary fix". Needless to say, since my forums and database are configured for PHP4, that didn't help.

    The site is down off and on for long stretches of time at least two three times per week and the mySQL database shuts down each time and I have to telnet into the server to manually restart it. Yesterday, they decided to perform "unscheduled maintenance" which shut my site down for three hours. When it did finally come back up, the database was down and I had no telnet access. I placed several trouble tickets/phone calls, etc., and received answers back like "well, we don't know why you don't have telnet access....did you apply for it?" and "we don't know why your site is not up and running, it's the only one on the server that isn't."

    To make a long story short, I'm fed up with them and need to find another hosting provider ASAP. One of the reasons why I've stayed with them this long is because they offer 155MB of disk space and 30GB of data transfer for $18.95/month which no other hosting provider I've looked at can provide for the same price.

    Is there a web site that I can go to that compare/rates hosting providers?

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    It gets pretty hard on us in the hosting biz when folks start needing a ton of bandwidth! Our bigger plans are about 200mb with 8GB transfer per month.
    Having said that...I know
    has hosting plans with 3GB-40GB transfer monthly.
    tera-byte also has dedicated servers. also comes to mind..they have high bandwidth allowance.
    Checking out hosting co? You can check in other forums, and also try
    At hostsearch if you have a company in mind you can simply put company name in the search box at the reviews section at hostsearch. Some of those reviews are genuine but you may also need to follow up, if possible...look for clients list or even ask your potential host for references.
    Good Luck!
    [email protected]


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      Thanks Martie,

      I've pretty much narrowed it down between HostRocket and A+Hosting. I'm probably going to go with HostRocket because of the fact that their PHP4.0 is configured with the Zend Optimizer. Even though I tend to like A+Hosting better for what they have to offer, their Zeus Servers are not compatible with the Zend optimizer which is what they've told me.

      I need to act fast and move the site. I came home from work this afternoon and found that my site bit the dust again. I could ping the server, but it wasn't accepting any connections. When I called Tech support, they put me on hold for 5-10 minutes and came back to say that they restarted my site but from what they can's a global problem....when I asked what that meant, they said everyone on that server was down, and yet, they sounded like they were surpised that my site is down. This is the second day in a row.

      I'm so disgusted with them right now, it's not even funny.



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