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    Someone referred me to this host. Wondering if its any good for a small community forum.

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    Running XMB and giving Unlimited BW, don't even bother.
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      Anytime you seen unlimited bandwidth that should be a red flag, there is no such thing as unlimited bandwidth, there is unmetered like fdcservers have, but they are a data center, not someone who rents or cololocates a box.


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        I wouldn't register with them .. that is for sure


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          unlimited is impossible??


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            Yeah, unlimited bandwidth isn't possible. Same with unlimited space. Unless you pay unlimited money...
            There's sometimes unmtered traffic on a 10 mbps line from Cogent network but this isn't very reliable.


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              They have no support. None. Zip. Nadda. They don't answer emails and they don't answer their phone. They list themselves as registrant and admin of your domain name. They don't answer requests to change the domain info. They basically steal your domain name. They use DotRegister as their registrar but they have a shadow company named who acts as domain agent. DotRegister will only deal with the domain agent which is, in this case, I had nothing but trouble with them. I am now looking for a new host AND domain name because when I challenged them on the domain info they shut my site down and removed my domain name from their name servers.


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       - an ugly situation

                Here's an update to my situation:

                Superuser Networks, aka What can I say. Such saints they are. I finally got my first client. As the new guy on the block, I searched high and low for a webhost in my clients price range. Cheap. So I found Superuser Networks. 500mb, php, mysql, 15gig/mo. They pay for your domain name. Tons of extras for one low price.

                There's just one catch. Actually, two. Number one. There is no support. None. Zip. Nadda. Oh, they advertise 24/7 support. But, the phone is some type of perpetual answering machine. And, over the past three months, I have yet to have an email answered. I counted them. Fourteen emails to support. Kind of misleading since most of those were repeats begging for attention on the same matter. I've really only had about three problems. That is, up until recently.

                And, the second catch. Remember I mentioned they pay for your domain name? Well, when they register your domain, they list themselves as registrant, admin, and tech contacts. According to their website (buried on some back page in fine print), they do this because they register so many domain names. You're supposed to email them requesting they change the domain info. Yea, right.

                I've been trying to get them to change the domain info for days. I think the first time I asked was over a month ago. And, like everything else, I never receive a response. Yesterday, I wrote DotRegister, their registrar, telling them what my problem was and asking them to help. Their response was, "We're sorry, but if you are not listed as either the registrant or administrator then you will have to contact your domain agent. Please contact Cyberamericana, your domain agent, and ask them to make you administrator."

                First of all, what the heck is a domain agent? Second of all, I did a whois on Cyberamericana. Guess what. Yep. Superuser Networks. So I write DotRegister back and tell them what I found out. They write Cyberamericana asking them to change my info as requested. That's when the proverbial cow dung hit the fan.

                After a number of refusals by Superuser Networks, I advised them that I would be preparing documents for submission with the National Arbitration Forum. Like I told them, my client has every right to be fairly represented as the owner of the domain name. Superuser Networks really blows a cork on that one. There response to DotRegister? "We have contacted our attorneys and it looks like we will soon be in litigation with Mr. Smith. Do not change anything in the domain information and especially do not change anything in the domain record." Oh, and did I tell you they claimed they called the police too? Yea, right.

                And the the coup de gras. The site is now down. And the domain name has been removed from Superuser Networks' name servers. So client is stuck without a domain name or a website. Fortunately, I found someone who would temporarily host while we work things out with the domain name issue. As soon as we wrestle control back, we plan to move the domain name to Godaddy or someone else.

                There's much more to the saga but I wont bore you with the details. If you really want to see what these guys are all about, do a google on Look for a nasty series of blog entries between and a former customer. You aint gonna believe what you find.

                Oh well. We live and learn.

                Update: I got a call from the local police department Friday. Apparently, there are others out there having problems with And apparently, some have made threats. Looks like I got blamed for that. Like I told the police department, every one of my emails was diplomatic and to the point with copies being sent to DotRegister. I suppose this guy thinks he got the last laugh. But in reality, it was I who laughed last. It cost me a whole five minutes of my time. The matter is resolved as far as the police is concerned. Now if I can just get the domain rescued from bondage we can all move on.

                Update 2: I just checked some blog entries I found about The exact words the guy quoted to the police as having been in an email I sent were from one of the blog entries. I'm wondering if I should point that out to the police since he obviously gave a false statement to a police officer. I doubt I will. Although he probably deserves it.


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                  Don't even think about

                  I started w maybe 5 yrs. ago. Their service was always mediocre but progressively grew worse.

                  The owber (and sole employee I believe) is a guy named Derek. This guy is severely whack. Very argumentative and the most unprofessional business practices I have ever experienced.

                  If you ever transfer your website to another service he really gets weird. He holds your domain name hostage. ( this because when you registered your domain through them he underhandedly registered under

                  In a recent effort to get a response from Mr Dorek. I even went so far as to pay for a month of hosting service. The bastard took my money and gave me nothing in return.

                  How *******s like this can even be in business is a mystery to me.


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