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    I've been searching the site for definitive answers on bandwidth vs. Users. I haven’t been able to find much that I can really sink my teeth into. Most of the posts are confined to "my site does 3 gigs a month", or "My site is at 300 gigs a month".

    Here's my plan. If everyone posts their bandwidth per month and their average users online at one time, I will collect the data and put it into a curve graph and post it in this thread so everyone can see it. I know that each individual post has different circumstances but when we put them all together we might be able to infer an average. That way, knowing if your site is going to be graphics intensive or bare bones, people like me (newbie) can plan ahead. Thanks in advance!!

    Jake C.
    Jake Crause

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    It's impossible to tell, really. On some boards, I just keep reading and browsing through hundreds of threads while not posting, while on others, I only read a couple. Thats'a few MB difference per day.

    The only way to tell for sure is to run your own site. All sites start small, so you can record your progress from there.

    The bandwidth is in KBytes and the next number is the posts I had that month

    Janurary - 40764 - 9
    Feburary - 35751 - 9
    March - 29536 - 42
    April - 128884 - 233
    May - 327702 - 278
    June - 372231 - 514
    July - 1463453 - 1349


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      Here is one from a customer's account. Name withheld to protect the innocent.

      Average users 20-40 simultaneous - 45G


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        Average users online at one time got nothing to do with bandwidth.....
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          I know what you’re saying. I was thinking that it could be a practical gauge of bandwidth vs how popular a board is. This number coupled with the bandwidth usage, might give newbies like me an Idea of what to expect as our boards become more popular. I do realize that these numbers change depending on average page size, average page views per user, etc....

          If there is a better way to get an idea of the bandwidth used at each stage of popularity let me know. I really want to know what to expect if my site takes off.


          Jake C
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          Jake Crause


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            With forums it's even trickier to convert page views into data transfer used as it depends on how many people read, how many people post, how often they do either, also depends on the size of posts, the avatars, if image posting is allowed etc. etc.
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              Well, I’ve decided, I’m jumping in with both feet. Statistics be damned, what will be will be!!! I'll be buying a license and setting up my site today (starting today that is ). I'll be up and running by the end of September and I'll be the most popular site on the web by the end of November .

              Anyway, I guess I'm just going to have to gather my own statistics as I go along!! Thanks for the input.

              Jake C
              Jake Crause


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