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  • I have a problem

    What I am doing is I am trying to restore an old database from the last install of Vbulletin 2+ so I can convert it to PHP_BB.

    My problem is that our lease has ran out, adn we can't use the bulletin for obvious reasons.

    I have re-installed the forums but have made them unavailable to EVERYONE but me as I am the only person with any knowledge as to where they are on the webserver. The only reason I have it installed is so that I can convert it to the new database.

    My problem is that I it is not connecting to the database and is sending the technical staff at vbulletin an email everytime I do anything with it. Which could result in legal issues I am told.

    I am not sure who I should have told this to, but I just want it known that we are not hiding the forums from you.

    I can be contacted at [email protected] for further info.

    Webmaster @

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    i'm honestly not sure if it's ok to run an install of vB without a license under your circumstances... i would think no. i will alert the other mods to this thread to see if we can get a definate answer.

    we can't help you with the database error if your license has expired.


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      I'm only looking to have the forums up for a day to be able to pull the database in, and convert them. I just wanted you guys to know what is happening incase there is a "call home feature in the forums code"


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        You really don't need the files to do the phpBB import, as long as the database is uploaded, which is your property... You could do the import that way....


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          So it was a leased license and it is expired? If it is owned, i dont see any reason why you cannot install a new copy of VB.

          What Prohacker said is true. You just have to create a new database on your server and restore the Vbulletin database backup. Then RUN PHPBB import script specifying the Vbulletin database name, username and password.


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            yeah, we bought the lease, and it just expired a few weeks ago

            what my problem is, is that I have switched webservers. the database dump is corrupted and I need to run Vbulletin on the old webserver to be able to dump the database again.

            when I re-installed Vbulletin it wouldn't connect and I got a message saying it contacted vbulletin tech support. I just wanted the development crew to know what was happening so I didn't have a knock on my door from your lawyers

            just covering my ass while I try and save a 50M database


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              Does you old host offer phpMyAdmin?


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                Do it via SSH or ask your host to do a db dump..

                The phpMyAdmin and vB backups are almost always corupt, esp if they are large dbs....


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                  since your vB license is expired we cannot give you support on these forums.


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