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    Originally posted by Erwin
    Aaargghhh... problems.

    1) They set their server to reboot the mysql when the server load gets too high - I have had over 80 error emails today of "mysql no connections found".

    2) My domain name has been offline twice today - at the moment my site has been offline for a while now.

    3) No one is answering my emails.

    4) My cronjob is not working. I wish I can set it up myself.

    I hope things improve...
    Erwin you're referring to right ? and not rack9 ?
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      I'm talking about racknine.

      It's been almost 2 hours.

      I have sent emails to the tech support, the tech manager, even the owner of the service - no replies.

      My site is still offline.

      I tried accessing my site using different proxies - offline.

      The subdirectory they gave me to view my site is offline.

      The IP address that my server is based on is offline.

      I guess you get what you pay for... This is the longest time my site has ever been offline. And google is spidering right now...

      Any other recommendations? I may have to return to VO and just pay more.
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        I think this thread needs to be split.


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          Okay, sorry to bring this thread off-topic like this.

          Enough about my experiences. Last post: site's back online, but support still not great. Problems with Photopost etc. still working on it.
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   has been working for me for the most part, but I have been gettig a lot of unexplained downtime. I had a lot of slow downs at Verio but those have not been as bad with VBH. Hopefully they can get this stuff striaghtened out.


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              Please read my post in the other thread discussing I'm not a happy camper.


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                I have been with vbulletin hosting for a little while.
                My site has been down since last Friday and we have no idea when it will be restored. So right now at this point, I dont think that I can recommend them either.


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                  Yes, I believe I started this thread many months ago and they have yet to get their act together.

                  Its a recurring trend and you will need to decide now. They WILL get it up, but its a matter of WHEN will it go back down. And for how long THIS TIME.

                  I would recommend going to another service such as VenturesOnline. Great speed, customer service and I have YET to have any problems whatsoever.

                  Wish I could have said that about VBulletinhosting. I believe I experienced 10 incidents of downtime amounting to countless hours over a 1 1/2 month period.

                  Its a great concept. Sever files on one computer and the MYSQL database on another, but it aint worth a ****.

                  VBulletin really needs to reconsider their affilliation with this company since it is really making VB look bad. Customers are ONLY flocking to VBH due to the fact that VB's name is being used.

                  Just my .02


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                    DPrice, I completely agree with you. Frankly, I am surprised to see vbulletin still aligning themselves with


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                      I just moved my site from VBH and when I went to their website, all that was left was a screen saying that they were not taking new customers and to go to Perfect Presence, which is the same owner's company.


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                        I saw that today on the VBH site and I am VERY concerned b/c I have one board that is working fine and another that has not been up since last friday. Now, I can not count the number of emails that I have sent to both VBH and perfect presence and not one word about what is going on.
                        I guess it is time for me to move on and find a new host and but a license!


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                          Circling the Drain?

                          I'm the Media Chairman for CFI, a large non-profit Association of Floor Covering Professionals who happen to be stuck in the 70's when it comes to the internet and computers. I'm in charge of maintaining an internet presence and enhancing communication among members spread through out the US and abroad.

                          I've read some of the pros and cons here concerning vBhosting and will say that for the most part that's typical with just about anything. It's impossible to please all the people all the time. I went with vBH because of a single comment made by someone who I believe is one of the moderators or administrators of this site. I forget which and I can't seem to locate the quote at the moment but to paraphrase he said vB for Dummies.

                          We all have to start somewhere and I believed vBH's ASP would be an affordable option to get our feet wet. And for the two months or so that our vBB has been up it has been a terrific learning experience. The fine folks here have also contributed so much to that education. You do have my sincere thanks.

                          We've experienced much of the down time that some here have described. We've also experienced sincere apologies from vBH and a partial credit in last month's billing. I believed they wanted to provide top notch service and we were willing to support them through what might be considered growing pains. After all customer service isn't a one way street. Mutual support is what works best.

                          At this point after reading what's posted here with the company changes, our board being down again for an extended period, no replies at attempted contact and also gone I'm getting the impression that the perfect presence may not be much more than a marketing ploy.

                          Unfortunately because we did lease the vB license we're left to consider the loss of our database, the hours of toil and trouble getting the board set up exactly the way an association with numerous levels of heirarchy requires it to be and the possibility that we will continue to be billed for something we no longer have.

                          As circles the drain it will pull us down with it and we'll be forced to start again from square one. This time though we will look much harder at UBB.
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                            As you can see from the small number of posts, I'm not one who should be considered an expert on websites, vbulletin, or discussion software. However, I have run a large discussion site for three years and have been through some trial and tribulations. My first software used for my site was UBB. I went through 2-3 upgrades and finally gave up on UBB. It was good software, but it kept sending the host server to its knees. Because it uses flat files, it was very CPU intensive. That led me to vbulletin. I've had vbulletin software for almost 2 years and am very pleased with it.

                            Based on your post, you may be jumping the gun. I also gave a few chances. I DID NOT jump ship at the first signs of problems and I was thrilled when I got the email apologizing, giving a price break on the month's bill, and saying that new servers and techs had been obtained. It was after July 3-4 when it literally took 31 hours to get a response after my site went down, and then another down time of a day last weekend that I felt like it was a lost cause. Vbulletin made a mistake, in my opinion, lending their name to the company, That does not diminish my feelings that vbulletin software meets my needs. I am on a new service after getting vbh to do a data dump, and everything is fine at the new service. I only lost posts made between the dump and the time that the new site went online. UBB may be perfect for you, but I would advise checking into the amount of pressure that UBB places on a server. You would have to purchase a UBB license, just like you would have to purchase a vbulletin license. Given the choice, I still prefer vbulletin.


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                              my board is down again.. has been for about 20 hours or so...

                              I can deal with it being down for a few hours.. when it starts pushing into days, I get upset..

                              still no word from support.. (no suprise there)..



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                                404 error when trying to go to now, too. Sigh. Glad I am not with them anymore. I wish those who are still with them luck. It was not fun.


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