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    Anyone jump on the bandwagon and sign up for this new service?

    They are apparently relatively a new site but have been in the biz for awhile. I need some questions answered now and maybe someone can help since their FAQs aren't complete yet.

    1) I have successfully "WGET" the VB mysql dump from my old server to the new server, it is sitting there in a folder titled"sqlbackup" in the root directory.

    I have tried to import into the new database by using:

    mysql -u USERNAME -p EMPTYNEWDATABASENAME <sqlbackup/041002.sql

    It then asks for a password, I type in the MYSQL.SERVER.COM password and it says "Password=YES"[email protected] Denied"

    What am I doing wrong? Is there somewhere that I need to configure or add the MYSQL database in the control panel?

    What name should be assigned to the EMPTYNEWDATABASE name listed above? Does this database need to be created somewhere and where/what should be configured to point to it.

    Thanks for any assistance

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    i openned a test account with recently.

    your problem is that you aren't specifying the mysql host in the command line. try this:

    mysql -u USERNAME -p -h DBNAME < path/to/dump.sql

    this should work. they should have given you the host address of the mysql server in the e-mail with your account details.

    and this should probably be in the hosting forum.


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      moved to hosting forum
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        Originally posted by Jakeman
        i openned a test account with recently.
        Test account? Mind sharing how to get that

        I emailed them a few question especially with MySQL concurrent connections and they told me we DONT HAVE to worry about it. I got the impression that my forum can be spiky and have 150 ONLINE user and only transferring 10GB a month under their gold plan.

        One of the good point about them is that they are in NAC datacentre But they suffered a major DDOS attack few days back.


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          Originally posted by aaronx88

          Test account? Mind sharing how to get that

          i mean i paid for the gold plan, and if i'm not satisfied with their service i'm going to use their 30 day money back guarantee. so far i have no reason to cancel.


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            Jakeman, I don't know about these guys.

            I have sent 3 or 4 emails requesting support over the past 3 days and all I get is the COUNTER BOY that answers the phones/emails stating that a tech will get in contact with me as soon as possible.

            I cannot access the MYSQL database whatsoever.

            Apparently the database server: does not have my USERNAME/PW entered in it because I tried to do a clean install of VB2.25 and VB reported that it cannot connect.

            This is why when I access in Telnet:

            mysql -u USERNAME -p -h USERNAME </path/to/sqlback/sqlfilename.sql

            I get the message:

            [email protected] Denied access TO Database DBNAME

            WTF? Did you have to do anything in the SQL DATABASE area of the control panel?


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              in the e-mail with your account details there should be a mysql username and password they gave you. use those.

              sorry, i should have said to replace the host AND username with those from your e-mail.

              their e-mail responses have been fairly quick for me.


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                mysql username: jacob
                mysql password: macintosh
                mysql host:
                mysql database name: vb_database

                use this command:

                mysql -u jacob -p -h vb_database < /path/to/dump/file.sql

                then it will ask me for a password, so i type in macintosh.

                //edit: fyi, this is not my actual mysql username and password and stuff!


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                  Jakeman, thanks for replying.

                  Got it..they DID NOT give me a database name.

                  All I have is:

                  mysql server:
                  mysql username: USERNAME
                  mysql password: PASSWORD

                  therefore, I use:

                  mysql -u USERNAME -p -h USERNAME </path/to/sqlback/sqlfilename.sql

                  Do I need to create a database name in the control panel?


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                    hmm, they gave you a db server, username, and password but no database name? you should e-mail them to get it.

                    also, check your private messages for a suggestion i'm sending you right now. (it contains info that could potentially reveal some of my and your account info so i'm not posting it here)
                    Last edited by Jake Bunce; Fri 12 Apr '02, 12:56pm.


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                      also, if you get it working it's normal for the database restore to take a while... depending on the size of the database. my database is 105MB and it took a good 7 minutes to restore. just let it go. when it's done the terminal prompt will come back.


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                        Thank you very much for all of your help. I got everything running smoothly.

                        I still have alot of questions about their system that I have YET to get answers for.


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                          you're welcome

                          that's weird that it's taking them so long to reply. are you e-mailing [email protected] ? that's what i use.


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                            1) Everything works fine, sometimes.....I have about 300 MYSQL connection error emails in my mailbox. Its funny, because when I get the error, I just hit refresh and everything is normal.

                            2) I changed the domain name pointers to point to NS/ NS2.PERFECTPRESENCE.COM .

                            I have had several people tell me that when they enter my web address it points to someone elses VB web?

                            Thanks Jakeman for all of your help
                            Last edited by dprice; Mon 15 Apr '02, 7:11am.


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                              DNS changes can be rough. one time my domain was down for 1.5 days during a change. it was weird. it had no name servers for that long (for everyone, not just me). it got lost in the void or something, and then came back.

                              i like to set up a redirect on my old host that points to my new host. i run off that for a week before changing the domain over... this way most of my members have my new IP bookmarked so the domain transition isn't as bad.


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