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    Not sure where to post this. Was looking for suggestion on VPS hosting site.
    I actually signed up with liquid web but not happy with their support already.
    Thank you.

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    Anyone? Thank you.


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      It is going to depend a lot on your familiarity with the technical aspects of running a website. Liquid Web is generally considered a good provider. I've never dealt with the support though.

      For people who just want a community site without dealing with anything like upgrades or making sure the server is secure, then vBulletin Cloud is the proper location to look. This is what I use for my online vBulletin test site.

      Otherwise, I personally use GreenGeeks and Digital Ocean.
      • GreenGeeks offers cPanel hosting so everything can be done through a web browser. This offers hand holding to people who are not technically inclined. However, you will need to manually upgrade vBulletin with every version. Before vBulletin Cloud, I hosted my online vBulletin Test Site here. Works well enough but upgrades can get tedious. I maintain this account primarily because people often ask about cPanel support and seeing the interface is helpful in providing that.
      • Digital Ocean is the opposite. Their base hosting is a raw linux virtual machine. You have to manually configure the web server, PHP and MySQL to get what you want done. You are also in charge of upgrades for everything, including the operating system. I use this service for other things but primarily as a raw HTML server without the overhead of PHP and MySQL when it isn't needed.
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        You may read in this thread about my search for the best fully managed VPS hosting
        vb 5.2.4 forum running currently on a Hostgator shared server (baby plan). I'm getting gangs of database errors (MySQL server has gone away),

        and the latest was my prepaying $2280. a year ago for two years of this plan:
        Originally posted by MDawg
        When the two year prepaid plan ($1176. was what I paid) for the 8Gb server expired, I ended up prepaying for two years for a higher Gb server with the same outfit, Liquid Web. The choice was either pay full price less 30% on a monthly basis for an 8Gb server with Liquid Web (came to $102.20 per month), or discounted rate prepaid for two years for 16Gb server ($2280.), which came to about $7. less per month for a better server. This includes cPanel for 5 accounts. Fully managed, and their tech support is excellent.

        $2280. for two years (prepaid), VPS, includes cPanel for 5 accounts, fully managed:
        • 16Gb RAM
        • 8 vCPU Cores
        • 200 GB SSD Storage
        • 10 TB Bandwidth
        • Linux
        Looks like the 8Gb version of the above is now only $840. for two years, but in any case, at prepaid plan's expiration renewing on a prepaid basis for the same plan is not an option. Maybe in two years LW will let me renew for the lesser plan, prepaid?
        I have been quite happy with Liquid Web they get right on any issues and seem willing in most cases to investigate issues that might not even directly be related to hosting.

        I took a look
        Liquid Web offers the best and fastest managed VPS Hosting on the planet. Our VPS hosting includes real-time monitoring and a 100% uptime guarantee.

        and prices have gone up a little bit, and it is $1050. for two years prepaid for the 8Gb RAM server, $2520. for the 16Gb.

        Really the only issue I have with LiquidWeb is that every year as cPanel prices go up they try to charge me a few extra dollars a month and I have to remind them that I am on a prepaid all-in plan and that any price increases should not affect me. I always have to take this argument to a supervisor who eventually backs down and leaves me alone.

        These are all introductory prices - after the 2 years are up the prices skyrocket, but just as a year ago I was able to upgrade to a better VPS and get again the introductory price for that better VPS, maybe in a year I will be able to downgrade back to the same 8Gb plan I had before and pay the introductory price for that plan. Either one worked fine, although I get less database errors with the 16Gb VPS.


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 is very good. They have a hosting program called stella hosting. It costs a bit but does the job.
          If you're stuck look at vBCloud because they're good too.

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