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Best host for a large forum, 1tb+ bandwidth, 12gb db, 6m posts

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  • Best host for a large forum, 1tb+ bandwidth, 12gb db, 6m posts


    Uk traffic as covers every town (650) in the UK but mainly the town southport ie like a local news site plus forums local info etc..

    1-1.5TB bandwidth a month

    Currently on Rackspace but costing me £1200 pm ($1500pm). Was set up with when big business ideas but that is now history. Just need to manage costs. Existing server has been running some 7 years now.

    Running VB 4.0.6 but heavily customised for town processes so hard to upgrade, two programmers who did this left years ago
    CPU Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU L5520 @ 2.27GHz (16 core(s)) + 48gig ram
    Version Plesk Onyx v17.0.17_build1700161028.14 os_RedHat el6
    OS Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6.10 (Santiago)
    Key number PLSK.02145637.0072
    VB stats
    12gb database, could be reduced by lot of pruning as 10 years+ postings on there
    18gb attachments in file system
    5m threads
    6m posts
    (yes I could prune a lot of threads and posts but do they clear associated attachments as well?)

    Guessing I need a dedicated server, have to install likes of memcache . Certainly had performance issues in the pst and had to tweak mysql settings and employ memcache.

    APPRECIATE any comments please, I've got two months to move this unless rackspace drastically reduce their costs, unlikely.

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    You will want a scaleable cloud service like Amazon Web Services or Digital Ocean. You might even be able to save money with the cloud offering from Rackspace. You may need more expertise but you can create an environment that suits your needs.

    As an example of what you can save over a dedicated server, a mid-range package from Digital Ocean will cost you ~$80/month. That has 6 virtual CPUs, 16 GB of RAM, 320 GB of SSD storage and 6 TB of bandwidth per month. You'll lose Plesk but if you can learn the command line, you'll gain more control.

    Deleting old content should delete the attachments associated with it (whether in the database or filesystem).
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      Thanks Wayne. Would 16gb of ram be enough?


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        How many visitors do you have on the forum?

        I would recommend a decent dedicated server 32 GB RAM is enough for your forum to run without any problems.

        Here are some dedicated server providers that you can check and see who is the best for you.

        I am having a dedicated server 32 GB of RAM and it is running for around 30 websites, I think you will need a same one to work best for your forum.

        Good luck!
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          And I'd recommend you stop spamming your link here since you are not running a vBulletin forum.

        • Mattwhf
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          @In Omnibus
          I don't spam, I only recommend the OP some web hosting providers that he can make references or find a good hosting for him.

        • In Omnibus
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          Right. You're also responding to a post that is six months old. That's just slightly curious. You post the same link the to same forum that sells products and services that you've been posting for as long as I can remember. It's not a vBulletin site or forum and it's not vBulletin related so you're spamming. This site isn't here to promote your non-vBulletin website. Your spam is no more valuable than any other spam. I also find it odd you're bumping so many other old threads but that's an issue for the staff here.

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        Thanks for comments, went with a dedicated server with Ukfast with 32g ram, running great, and thanks for a top vb guy in USA for upgrading to 425 and reprogramming our hacks


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