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Better Host for a Vbulletin Forum

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  • Mattwhf
    Why type of VPS hosting did you use? managed or unmanaged VPS?

    If you used unmanaged vps hosting then your forum can have less security if you didn't know how to configure it to have better security

    I would recommend you to use a managed VPS so you will have a sysadmin to help you out.

    Maybe you should check some providers on our forum here

    They can help you to have a best web hosting for your forum.

    I also chose one from their advice and using for my forum for a long term

    Hope it helps!

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  • rcull
    started a topic Better Host for a Vbulletin Forum

    Better Host for a Vbulletin Forum

    I use a Vbulletin forum on a virtual server.,

    I have been using Vbulletin for long time. I used to use Bluewho as a host. They were excellent until they were bought out, they were still good after that, but. Eventually I figured out that every time I had an issue with my forum I should just complain to them and it was fixed by them. Definitely not bad, but who want problems cropping up on a regular basis.

    So I decided to move. I thought my spam problems had been solved by Glowhost. They must be familiar with vbulletin and accommodating. So I am currently hosted there, I have had problems there too . It seems that the web is slowly squeezing small forums out in favor of what ever...

    The problems are almost always the hosts are trying to increase security issues which screw up something. They do try to fix it, usually after denying it being a problem related to there increased security settings, but!

    It would just be nice to not have a problem with my forum because of the host messing around!

    What have you found?

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