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VPS options for Big Board-sized vBulletin site with moderate traffic

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  • VPS options for Big Board-sized vBulletin site with moderate traffic

    A bit of a background:

    My site is currently on a 1GB VPS hosted nby Liquid Web. I've been with them for about three years, was always happy with their support, and recommended them to others. However, two weeks ago, I started getting massive load spikes; into the high double digit range. No amount of httpd or my.cnf tweaks or database optimizations would stop it. The spikes came with no increase in traffic; in fact, traffic has been steady for the past two years. I beefed up my robots.txt and .htaccess files to stop obnoxious spiders, along with Configserver firewall for WHM (blocking all traffic from Russia, China, Ukraine, Belarus, and the Philippines), and still it didn't help. (I'm having problems installing the script eva2000 now requires to gather stats for optimization requests, and requests using the old cut-and-paste-the-results-from-shell-commands method are no longer answered. )

    So, I'm wondering ... do I need a 2GB server for a vBulletin "big board" (~600,000 posts since 1996) that gets 100-120 visitors in a 15 minute period peak, 70-100 through the workday, 25 to 70 off-peak/weekends? Liquid Web support says "yes". Still, eight years ago, when my message board was at its peak, with about twice the activity as today, it did okay on shared hosting. Is there anything more I should be asking of them?

    If I decide to leave Liquid Web, I'd be looking for a VPS from a host with US- or Canada-based servers and tech support, who isn't a reseller, and who doesn't knowingly host spammers, spam proxies, and the like. I'd prefer a host based in the Great Lakes region, Northeastern US, or southern Ontario. I like the Liquid Web model; their servers aren't in a city that's remote from their offices.
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    With the extra RAM, make sure you're also getting more CPU power, as it seems that's what you're lacking. Can you handle managing your own VPS, or do you need a managed service?


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      Best to figure out how to use my script for reasons outlined in various stickies at

      Once you have it working it takes <12 seconds to grab stats saving alot more time.

      Script also provides more info for me to base my optimisation recommendations on. Without such info, it would be pointless to provide any server hardware recommendations as they may not be adequate for your needs, thus wasting your money.
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        Liquidweb always try to throw a vps down people's throats. In your case obviously an upgrade.

        They "offered" me a VPS after asking them to block baidu spider and also the known hacking bot hn.kd.ny.dsl

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          I do not think you need to upgrade, your current configuration *should* be good enough for that kind of load. But obviously it isn't. Changing the host need not help, a similar configuration VPS is going to perform same everywhere The real solution would be to find the real reason for increase in load. Is there any plugins that you recently installed / any changes you made to the configuration? Is there any pattern to the load spikes, like it happens at same time every day?

          I know it is not easy, but you may need to find the real reason behind why it started acting strange.

          If you really want to move, You may take a look at wiredtree. They get great reviews here, I don't know the location etc. matches your requirements. URLJet is managed vb host - good but expensive - which you may not need.
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            Knowing liquidweb...they're just trying to bleed the customer before trying to find the real cause. It would be better if the OP went with a better host such as wiredtree as you mentioned.
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              You really need to try to find people with the same hosting as you have, and with the same load, compare, possibly your "account" operator distributes the load ...


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