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  • Host help needed

    Hi all. New here.

    I currently uses namesco over here in the uk but only for hosting static website.

    What I'm struggling on is the bandwidth I will need I have a shared hosting plan and pay £30 a month and my hosting plan has unlimited bandwidth but when I add a domain to the host it give me a max of 20gb per month bandwidth.

    What will this get me as in the fact of users and posts, I'm expecting around 2-3k members on my new forum average of 2-3 hundred a day users plus guests, will my hosting plan run it or will I need another

    many thanks


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    Lets do some simple maths -
    200-300 members + guests - lets say 500 users per day.
    Expect 5-10 page views / per user, and 100 kb per page. that is 500 kb / 1 mb per user
    Which means .25 to .5 GB per day. Or 7.5 GB to 15 GB per month.

    THere would be extra bandwidth usage for bots / email etc, still you should be some what okay. Give it a try and check bandwidth usage report after 10 / 15 days.
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      We're a UK based forum ( and we use nimbus hosting.

      they're very good at what they do and we have had no problems at all with their hosting. They answer our queries very quickly and although we knew nothing about web hosting when we started, they were always on hand to help with the simplest of questions, and we started on the lowest pack and we can tailor it as the site grows.

      We have been going for 12 weeks now and have just shy of 300 members but we get crawled massivley each day by bots etc and we have the publishing suite. Our members have made over 13k posts already and we have not seen any glitches or slow down yet.

      So my advice would be contact nimbus, take out the whirlwind pack and they will sort it when you need to upgrade.

      I highly recommend them.
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        Hi Ben

        If I can give you a little advice.. I have been running a forum for some 10/11 years and I have over the years been with most of the big hosting companies and some of the small. Whenever I ran into problems such as band width and server problems they all seemed to just melt away and just left me to sort the mess out.

        What you need is to be hosted with a company that focus on Vbulletin and really know what you are trying to achieve. The best and most friendly I have used so far has to be Nimbus hosting. Tim is always happy to talk to me about the stupid ideas I have and they pitch in when things go wrong. You should be able to ask your hosting company and get a knowledgeable response.

        After that shameless plug for Nimbus

        With the numbers you are suggestion are you talking about the total for the day or at the same time? are you going to allow full access to the site to unregistered users? I have a ratio of about 15:1 unregistered to registered. This would give you about 3000 visitors a day based on 300 members but your ratio might be lower. Is the site going to have lots of plugins etc? are you going to have lot's of images and media? these all make a huge difference. One option you might want to think of if bandwidth becomes a problem is CDN but i'm sure that's a little way down the road.

        Hope this is helpfull. If in doubt pick up the phone and call Tim

        Many thanks



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          Originally posted by Benjio21 View Post
          What will this get me as in the fact of users and posts, I'm expecting around 2-3k members on my new forum average of 2-3 hundred a day users plus guests, will my hosting plan run it or will I need another
          This is exactly what I have today on my board, and we are hosted at Nimbus. In almost one year with them, I had almost no downtimes and when I had issues were solved quickly without any stress.
          Price is fair also considering their performance.
          Even mostly of my users are located in Brazil where we have almost 9-16 pings to reach an user depending where theyr are, page load times are really reasonable. So I can imagine how fast page loads can be if users were in UK.

          Hope this info helps you. Good luck.



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            I am also hosted with Nimbus ( and can heartily recommend them.

            Tim understands vBulletin's requirements so you won't get a load of trouble like you get with so many other hosts.
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              Im also hosted with nimbus. I've hosted with many hosts in the past but nothing comes close to nimbus. They just really 'get' our requirements... if any host knows forums inside out, and their requirements... it's nimbus! Give them a try, you'll be glad u did.


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