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    I have recently moved my vBulletin site from HostGator to

    I was having numerous problems with HostGator...mainly people downloading attachments using download accelerators which caused max php process (vB serves attachments thru php) to filled up and getting my account limited/suspended frequently. So I was looking for a good VPS service and was recommended by a friend to try out's VPS.

    Once migrated to a small VPS (2 cores, 1GB RAM, 60GB Space), I was really happy at first but it soon turned out that the page load was hitting up to 52 seconds! With some help from George (thanks man!), it was determined that the innodb portion of the MySQL server had some caching issues (memory limitations). After reporting this to the host, they upgraded the MySQL server with better processors, increased memory by a lot and added SSDs. Since then, *most* of my vBulletin page generation times are <1 second. Max is usually ~4 seconds. Since I don't have to worry about MySQL, I have all the resources available for php. My satisfaction level? 110%

    • Reliable and Cheap
    • OpenVZ/KVM/Storage type VPS
    • Windows Server 2003 available for free (if needed)
    • Friendly Support (has IRC too)
    • MySQL off-loading service* ($1/mo only!)

    • Unmanaged VPS (This means you need to know how to setup/manage your server yourself)
    • Availability**

    * provides MySQL off-loading service. Instead of setting up MySQL in your own vps, you can use a MySQL server from them for only $1/month. It is a percona MySQL hosted on a powerful setup. This is what I'm using right now.

    ** To maintain good experience for customers, never "oversells." This is why, if you go to purchase a package now, you will most likely see they are out of stock. You'll actually need to put some effort if you want to get one of their package. The demand is rather high. You should follow them on twitter and idle at IRC. They announce in both places before stock is replenished.

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    Glad I could help, but yes there is strong emphasis on unmanaged provider with You need to know how to setup and manage a server yourself either via their KVM or OpenVZ based VPSes.

    I also have 4x 512MB VPSes, 3x OpenVZ + 1x KVM is use to host my site in a 4x VPSes load balanced configuration and it's runs very well for the price ~US$28/month for all 4x VPSes.

    Haven't used their MySQL off load service though, so no comments there.

    Pros: For me is they also offer internal IP address access to each VPS they provide. You can use this internal ip to do backups or data transfers between VPSes without any data bandwidth costs. I use it for my haproxy load balancer to connect to each VPS' internal ip address.

    Cons: Whenever, updates their VPSes nodes or restarts services/network related, I will loose connectivity to internal ips and need to reboot each VPS via SolusVM control panel. I got around this by setting up one more VPSes external (another web host) in the load balancing as a secondary load balancer for failover, so if primary load balancer can't connect to internal ips, I fail over to secondary load balancing VPSes with another web host. This gives me 100% uptime
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      Agreed with the losing internal ip connectivity. First time this happened to me, I was at a loss what actually happened.


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        Certainly a low cost option. But with you needing skillz to manage it.
        So very much not for the noob or faint hearted.

        Personally I don't like OpenVZ/Virtuozzo and prefer XEN VPS.

        environment: Centos 6.9, Apache v2.4.25, PHP 5.6.30/xCache, MariaDB 10.22 -- vB5 Connect Licensed

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          Might consider a move soon because HostGator are giving problems too for me.

          Nice review!
          Aakif Nazir
          vBulletin Support Team


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