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Ventures online suspended my account

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  • Ventures online suspended my account

    My forums have like 10 people on it at the most.

    I was on their $16.xx plan, thinking since my site is so small that should be enough.

    but today, they have outtages, and they blame my site as a resource hog?? 10 USERS!! come on...

    i believe they are nuking my acct and probobly will announce it as a quick solution to make everyone else happy.

    this is such crap, they arent even letting me telnet in so i can get my forum and move somewhere else. that is not service IMO.

    It is very unfair that they are blaming their hardware problems with my no name webpage. how can 10 friggen people possibly be the cause of anything??

    edit: arent there like 1000 people on this board who have a good 50 users at once on VO? WHY ME?
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    I find it hard to believe that VO suspended your account because your forums were using too many resources with only 10 users online. There must be more to this story.

    What exactly did they tell you was the rationale for this decision? At any rate, they should allow you to access tyour files. Who have you contacted at VO about this?
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      ok, they have let me download my files.

      here is the latest email with everything sited:

      Alfredo Silva,
      We have recently worked on your call. Reference Number:1014167088 Please reply to the ticket and not this email, if you reply to this email you may not get an anwer to your question. You may access the ticket via this URL.

      [edited out link just incase]

      Here is the latest status:

      If you haven't already received an email, then you should received one shortly. Your site has become too busy for a virtual server account, we suggest that you move to a V650 account, or perhaps try using vbulletin forum software. Let us know how you want to proceed. bradleyb 20-Feb-2002 01:11:26

      We apologize for the inconvenience, but after suspending the account the server load has gone down from 7.0 to 2.0. This is a shared server and we have to look out for all users on the system.

      You might want to look into a V650 account. The system has limited users so it is more suitable for high traffic sites. bradleyb 20-Feb-2002 01:26:38

      Okay, I am reopening your account the forum must be closed immediatly and then you may grab your data. Let us if know if/when you want this account closed so you will no longer be billed for further use.

      Once the account is closed I will forward this to billing. lukel 20-Feb-2002 02:08:37

      We will continue to keep you informed as we work to complete your request. This was in regard to your call:
      >page not there

      Brad Bailey


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        its whatever, any one know a host i shoud go to, since i have sooo mcuh bandwidth..

        i would post a picture of my users (less than 200) and less than 10,000 posts...and thats over a friggen year.

        so any recommendations?? looking for about 10-12 users at once..



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          There is no way vB with 10 users online could account for a 5.0 diffence in server load. Did you have some hacks or CGI scripts running that could have increased the load on the server?

          Frankly I don't think you will find a simple shared account that will allow you to use this many resources.
          Steve Machol, former vBulletin Customer Support Manager (and NOT retired!)
          Change CKEditor Colors to Match Style (for 4.1.4 and above)

          Steve Machol Photography

          Mankind is the only creature smart enough to know its own history, and dumb enough to ignore it.


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            no, i keep my vbulletin stock so that i can upgrade quickly.

            i have a phpnuke on there, but according to the logs, of those 10 users that actually post, maybe ONE visits it.

            only cgi that I use is newpro...and i do about 2-3 entries a day...i know sites that do quadruple that plus have like 50 active users at any one time.

            so you are saying that theoretically, 10 active posters wouldnt do anything to a servers resources?

            im just trying to figure out why they would do this...its really unfair and leaving me out in the cold.


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              Successful requests: 154,261
              Average successful requests per day: 44,632
              Successful requests for pages: 783
              Average successful requests for pages per day: 226
              Failed requests: 1,687
              Redirected requests: 241
              Distinct files requested: 2,466
              Distinct hosts served: 160
              Data transferred: 241.075 Mbytes
              Average data transferred per day: 69.750 Mbytes
              ok, 70*30 days in a month, is a lil over 2 account is good for 5....nuff said.


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                Have you shown those figures to VO? What did they say. They are not going to want to loose a customer, there must have been something weird happening here.
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                  doing that now.i know they dont want to lose one, but so far have been unhelpful.


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                    this is their latest response:


                    We not only checked logs in real time, but we also monitored the system performance which significantly increased upon suspending the account. Additionally the site has used nearly 1/2 GB of bandwidth in 3 days, also proving the high usage on this account.

                    You are correct, 100's of people do use vBulletin on our servers with no problems.
                    i just showed above that i have used about 240 mb..andd like 30 of those were from moving the dbs around...if not more.

                    i dont know where they got the 1/2gb number from....

                    at least they are still being polite...if anything.

                    edit: YES I AM USING/ONLY vBulletin, otherwise why would i post here??
                    Last edited by dadymac; Wed 13 Mar '02, 10:11pm.


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                      Perhaps you could ask what in particular on your site was causing the high load (ie MySQL usage, cgi scripts, etc). If they were logging then they should know this.


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                        those figures only show http usage. Did you have downloads linked into your FTP folders? Did you allow anonymous FTP?


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                          daddymac must have not been using vbulletin because the tech suggested that he get it. Maybe he was using a cgi board.


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                            dadymac, are you using a cgi board? It's impossible that vb is a resource hog.

                            Did you check if it's due to other scripts that you are using?


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                              yes i use vbulletin, no no other cgi scripts cept for newpro...which is hardly used and phpnuke, also hardly used.

                              earlier today my acct was suspended again, and then turned back on, server laods where in the 16's and im getting blamed?? my cgi folder is empty now so they cant use me as an excuse.

                              and no mods on f'real they need to look elsewhere for thier constant problem.


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