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  • What do I need?

    I've been reading this particular forum for quite awhile now trying to figure out who I want for my host.

    I thought I'd hit the jackpot with SiteGround, but they informed me after two days of work on the site that they don't allow databases over 500mb (mine is about 600mb). They've been giving me the runaround about refunding my money. We'll see how that turns out.

    Anyway. I have about 500 members, maybe 20-30 of them active, maybe 10 of those on the forum at any given time. I use about a gig of bandwidth a month. Not much at all.

    I've been thinking about UrlJet, but evidently they don't respond to sales questions or answer their phone for sales on the weekends. It doesn't inspire a lot of confidence in me that they don't care enough about sales to man the phone on Saturday and Sunday.

    Can anyone that has more than a few posts (no spammers, you people are pathetic) recommend a host to me? Maybe someone that has similar stats on their forum? I'd like cheap, but I'd also like it to work. If I have to pay more I will.

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    Check out Try finding mid-size or smaller hosts. Giant hosts have problems almost always. I don't personally see why any webhost needs to have phone support, that is a huge up keep costs. Its only there to appease people who refuse to take time to go though email support. In my dealings with companies like theplanet and softlayer. The best thing phone calls were good for were billing, during their normal office hours. They would also respond to my emails just as fast. THe few times i called in for another support issue, they'd create a ticket for me and tell me they'd email me when they had an update.


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      I would love to go through email or submit a ticket, they have not responded to my email and since I'm not yet a customer I cannot submit a ticket. I just need sales questions answered and that's not something they do on weekends. Unfortunately I have a day job and this is the only time I have to work on my website.

      Thanks, I'll try webhostingtalk.


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        Your going to have a problem with 90% of shared hosting providers because most don't allow databases large then a few hundred mb, because they normally use a ton of resources and the traffic is pretty large(most of the time..), If they don't oversell or overload there servers you should be able to find a decent host but they have to use high end servers or you will run into alot of mysql problems, have you ever considered hosting your database on a vps or low end dedicated server, then the actual site elsewhere, What's your monthly budget for your site that would determine what you can get, I'm assuming your in the <$10 range a month which would knock any vps/servers out.

        Find a host with high end servers and that don't load them to the max, I would look at E3 servers, or Quad xeon 3450 or higher, if you go with anything slower, the server will have a hard time loading the database, I host many sites and even if the traffic isn't that large huge databases use extra resources, I have several customers with 1gb to 5gb databases, and I know it can take a hour or longer to load 1gb> databases even on E3 servers with 16gb of ram.

        Good luck.


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          Check out hosting plans which aspnix and b2netsolutions provide.
          They are respectable companies and able to meet the demands of any discriminating web master. Prices are quite affordable.


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            nice, thanks for the valuable infoo


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              I ended up going with

              I couldn't be happier. Kevin is the man. Trust me, I don't throw terms like "the man" around all willy-nilly.


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                Good to hear that you got a new host. However, I can't belive that a 500 user forum has 500 mb database. Typically even forums with 10 times users would be well within 500 MB size. Do you host attachments in database? If so, I recommend keeping it as files, which would help you in long run.
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