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How much CPU do shared hosts allow you to use?

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  • How much CPU do shared hosts allow you to use?

    My host has recently contacted me that I am using too much of the CPU of the shared server and that I would have to upgrade or have my account terminated. We decided to look at an un-managed VPS server, with 4 CPU. My host at this time is A2hosting (

    Would 4 CPU on a VPS server be enough to handle a forum with 10 - 30 people online and about 100 - 300 posts a day ? We are also expanding quite rapidly right now, and my budget is not very large at this current moment in time. Also, how much CPU does a shared host give you to use ? I would have assumed it is 1CPU, and in that case a VPS would be 4x the current CPU (of which we are currently using 66% out of 100%) correct ?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Shared hosts vary considerably in resources allowed.

    Most shared hosts should have no problem with 10 to 30 active users at once.

    Most shared hosts have scores, sometimes hundreds of sites on a single server. You end up with considerably less than a single CPU to yourself.

    You probably would be fine with just a GOOD shared host.

    If you are looking at an un-managed VPS that means you are completely comfortable with maintaining and installing a web server? I ask because I think someone who was experienced at that stuff wouldn't ask a question like how many CPUs a VPS would give them. Nothing wrong with not knowing, but don't jump the gun to unmanaged servers if you're still learning.


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      Thank you for that information regarding the CPU usage on shared hosts.

      You are correct, I am still learning how web servers work and all, so you are right, a managed VPS would be a lot better for me - I honestly did not think about the fact that I would be the one responsible for maintaining the server. That is fault on my part. However, I do not have a budget that will allow me to purchase a managed VPS from A2Hosting - it is just too expensive for me right now. Also, their customer service has been less than satisfactory recently. Based on the statistics I have provided, could you make a personal recommendation of a GOOD yet CHEAP shared host that will still work well if my traffic increases, say, to 20 - 50 active users at once ?
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        A2Hosting has their entry level managed VPS at about $45 a month from what I see.

        I personally use shared hosting on, their shared hosting plan is considerably less than $45 but considerably more than a cheap shared host, at $5 or something like that. The problem is you get Good OR Cheap, not both. The cheaper it is the more sites they need to share the server to be profitable- it's simple math.

        URLJet has for me provided excellent performance (for a shared host) and support. I'm not sure if they still offer plans they don't have listed on the main site but it may not hurt to email them to inquire if they have a cheaper than advertised plan.


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