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JAGUARPC VPS HOSTING - Above and Beyond. What a great Provider!

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  • JAGUARPC VPS HOSTING - Above and Beyond. What a great Provider!

    I am a new customer with JaguarPC.

    For anyone that is shopping for a Hosting, or for whatever else, please keep this in mind:

    Happy, Satisfied Customers, Rarely every return surveys, or write good reviews. - Fact.


    I am a happy customer, and very pleased with the level of service, care, and expertise they offer. I am so satisfied, that I wanted to share my experience and take the time to write a real, honest, review.

    Some background:

    This is how I started. I have all my domains, email, shared hosting, SSL, photobook, etc all with Godaddy. I chose Godaddy because they seemed to be the biggest, and as we all know, the most advertised. I have been with Godaddy for going on 8 years.

    I started out with their shared hosting. For the most part, it was sufficient for what I needed. A couple years ago, I had several domains on the hosting, and created a directory, and forum. My first issue was that my websites were getting "BLOCKED" by spam filters, or corporate
    surf control. I called Godaddy to complain, and talked to several tech people and even supervisors. They all downplayed it and said it must be something on my website that is causing it. I had nothing wrong with my website. So I did some checking. Here the "shared" server (Ip address) they had me on was with about 1200 other websites. MOST of these WEBSITES were virus sharing, high risk sites!!!!!! All through Godaddy. So the way I was able to resolve the issue was getting a SSL certificate, which I didn't need, but the SSL certificate was $30 a year and came with a dedicated IP address. This was cheaper then $3.00 a month for a dedicated IP. Once I got my dedicated IP, I had no more surf control or blockage issues. When I confronted Godaddy with a list of known High Risk sites that they host, they acted like they weren't aware of it.

    I called Godaddy a year ago to ask about performance issues. Network was slow. The tech support guy I was talking to talked me into "upgrading" to their NEW Grid Hosting. It was still a shared hosting, but was on a "Grid" of servers and would be much faster, more reliable and better.

    I switched to the Grid hosting. Had to move all my sites, directory over the the "new" grid hosting server. What he didn't tell you is that Grid hosting has a whole list of things and scripts that are not compatible. Luckily none were any I used. Speed = NO DIFFERENCE. It was not any faster at all.

    After I moved my entire directory over, I found my "directory forum" didn't work any more. I called Godaddy tech support. I spent literally 20 hours combined time on the phone, and about 2 weeks time until I gave up. The directory didn't work any more. Godaddy blamed it on the script and said it was the script's fault. I contacted the scripts developer and he said there was nothing wrong and that it was on Godaddy's server that was causing the issue. I fought and fought with Godaddy and never got past them blaming it on the script, even though I copied it back over to the shared hosting and it worked, and they saw that!!!

    I ended up getting another directory script that would work. 3 months later, I turn on the original directory script, and low and behold it worked!! The developer said that Godaddy had problems with the PHP setup, which they denied, but they must of found it and fixed it later on. Aghhhh!

    And from time to time, weird things would happen. Like files being deleted, or added to my directory? Even folders showing up that were obviously from someone Else's hosting.

    I never wanted to switch from Godaddy, cause I had all my stuff with them, and it was easy cause I can control everything from one point.

    What made me finally decide to bail was when I tried to install a mail program on my forum. And it failed because Godaddy had PHP Imap turned off. They told me it was because of "security" reasons. I spoke to several other hosting sources and they said the "security" reason is crap.

    So now I have had it. I spent a month researching and selecting a VPS hosting and I finally settled for JaguarPc.

    From my experience, I was really worried about switching all my domains, directory, forum, etc over without down time and having it all set up correctly.

    I am pleased to say, that JaguarPC handled everything flawlessly. The transition went smooth as silk and their tech support set everything up perfectly and I had ZERO problems, and ZERO downtime. The server is extremely fast.

    The customer service was awesome, and the tech support was very fast and thorough.

    So when you are trying to decide on a hosting company, please keep in mind, that JaguarPC has thousands of customers, so if you see some complaints here and there, every good company has hiccups. Also keep in mind that most HAPPY, Completely Satisfied customers, rarely ever post compliments, return surveys, etc. You will always see the bad incidents posted, rarely the good.

    I express my appreciation to the staff at JaguarPC.

    Thank you!
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    Thanks for this great review.

    I'll be sure to check them out sometime soon.
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      nice review some vps providers rocks
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        Thanks. Like I said, I am not one to give great reviews, just because of so many let downs. I can honestly say, they really did go above and beyond with making this an easy switch, and I had no down time, and no glitches of any sort. It was the easiest move ever and I am glad it is over now. So far I am very happy with the service, support, and they actually stand behind what they promise!


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          WOW! Today I get an email that JaguarPC is giving me a FREE Upgrade on my VPS Hosting at no additional Charge. Apparently they are re-doing all of their VPS plans, so their website should be updated with the new plans real soon / next week or so.

          Anyhow, check this out,

          I went from:
          97GB Raid Diskspace, 1152MB Ram, 1800GB Bandwidth


          Your new VPS plan specs: 100GB Disk, 2048MB RAM, 5000GB Bandwidth

          And it's not going to cost a dime more! They are doing this for all their current customers.

          Now that is customer service!


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            Thanks for the great review. Nowadays its getting increasingly hard to find a good server host, I paid $59.99 a month to pacifichost's VPS service but it shut down way too often(not due to account suspended) and drove away my customers(That was not a VB site though, its a video sharing/uploading site powered by Clipbucket).


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              Originally posted by Hall of Famer View Post
              Thanks for the great review. Nowadays its getting increasingly hard to find a good server host, I paid $59.99 a month to pacifichost's VPS service but it shut down way too often(not due to account suspended) and drove away my customers(That was not a VB site though, its a video sharing/uploading site powered by Clipbucket).
              Hey Hall, I am sorry to hear that. That really sucks! You should give a look at JaguarPC, they are really working at being #1. I am very happy with the level of service and the plan I am on is awesome for the money.

              I did a lot of research and it is hard finding a good host! I settled for JaguarPC and I am glad I did!


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                To anyone who encounters this thread....

                I ordered a JaguarPC VPS a few months ago, and they still haven't finished provisioning it. Email and web services were working for awhile in spite of the kernel problems, but this week my server has had a 3-day outage. I may never get my data back, because the JaguarPC team doesn't know how to turn the VPS back on.

                Nobody should ever order a VPS from JaguarPC. They can't deliver.


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                  Contrasting reviews, which is very much normal in hosting Industry. Looking objectively, comparing a shared hosting service to a VPS which would probably cost 10 times more, is not fair.

                  chadparry, you may consider posting your experience on webhostingtalk. Most hosts have their representatives on WHT and they make sure that bad experiences get resolved soon.
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                    Thanks. still looking for a reliable host too. I'll check them out.


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