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    Go to the support boards, they are a big help and often faster than support.

    As for the restrictions, they are just there so that people won't take too many resources. I've been on their saturn server for over a year and have no big complaint (other than their BB issue) about them.

    But, if you leave them, more bandwith for me


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      vB installed

      I have been using Communitech.Net for a little over six months now and have no real problems.

      I recently (Friday) bought and installed vBulletin on their servers with no real problems. It runs better than UBB ever did on any of my servers.



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        I used to be a CT customer, but they screwed with me way too much.. So I moved to a dedicated server with a different company. Oddly enough I now have a webhosting company.. lol


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          I host with, have been for a year. Maybe they like me or something or don't pay attention to me. I havnt been billed in awhile haha, think the term ended 2 months ago and they still didn't bill me. I transfer 1 gig of bandwidth a day and am 150 megs over my limit. I better get under disk quota, if they really do hound ya. For hosting vbulletin im going to use my other host, which is very friendly and relyable, cheap too.
          Check them out if your looking to host a vbulletin.


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            Small update

            Well vblite works under my account at ct. It seems fast but then again there is no load right now.

            All I want to know is...can ct grow with the load if they allow

            5 databases at a total of 5 users. I have no idea what the maximum connections are and I couldn't locate more info...

            Well that's that!


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              oops one more thing

              I should have edited my last one but when I mean fast, I mean VERY fast now. I've had lots of my forumers stress test and they are all very happy currently. I'm almost afraid it is too fast because I would be frightened of the possible server load. Almost too good to be true and I'm very tempted to get vb.

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                Cannot complain about speed though

                What I would worry about now though it the possibility of your forums becoming so popular because they are fast that you will need more hardware, but then again that is the price you have to pay for a popular web site.

                Just run with it while it is there.

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                  that is the main advantage of CT - there servers are very beefy, especially their MySQL ones.

                  just hope they upgrade to php4 and zend...


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                    Well I have to learn SQL now. I do hope that someone can fix the digibuy thing soon since I still cannot buy vbulletin......

                    However I am aching to get the code now that I've seen for myself witha side by side comparison how much faster it really is.


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                      After I checked out CommuniTech's web site, they certainly seemed to be the host to use. I was wrong.

                      While I wasn't directly affected, one of my staff members was. He opened an account with CommuniTech and told me how good it was, and a few months later that all changed. He had a counter script that he forgot about (he placed it on his UBB as a hack) and did not realize it was resource intensive. Who ever thought of a counter being resource intensive anyway?

                      Did CommuniTech email him and notify him so he could correct the problem? No. They told him he had one hour to get his stuff off of their machine since they were cancelling his account. All they had to do was contact him and tell him, and he would've removed it. Instead, they zap accounts that use the slightest amount of power and won't refund your money.

                      Customer service? Hardly. Be careful out there.



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                        Hello Bomb..

                        Well I heard Futurequest was very good and I may try it out as soon as I cash in my paycheck today.

                        As for, if you are a hobbyist it's definitely not a bad site, however if you are going commercial don't rely on them. I run a hobbyist site and so far it is fast althoug not too user friendly. They're not too keen over there at customer support but they're all right. All I have to do now is import all those e-mail addresses!


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                          CT Support ticket

                          Hello, thank you for your ticket. Since PHP is compiled to Apache, the scripts you run will run will run as nobody, so it will be very hard to determine what script is causing the problem. We have yet to suspend any from running any PHP Bulletin board because of this reason. Additionally, PHP tends to be handled a lot better by our servers than the Perl-based UBB, so you should have a lot fewer problems with it. Thank you for your concern in regards to the issue. Have a good day.