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  • urljet or startlogic as HOST


    First time posting, I will be buying Vb to have installed. This also will be my first time Admin. a forum, I was all set to go with URLJET as my host. Then read a thread in here that kinda of discouraged me. What about STARTLOGIC as a host. Please advise as this is all new to me.
    Thanks in Advance

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    i hosted my site with them
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      Could someone please comment on URLJET or STARTLOGIC as host ?


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        Hi robfire,
        I have been with URLJet for over a year now, only had one issue which was downtime but that was a network issue and everything was back online within 20 minutes. There maybe a few negative views on URLJet on here, but you'll find far more positive reviews than negative - it's the same with most companies. Just recently, they were rated in the top 3 on WHT, to achieve that they must be doing something right. I've been with many hosts over the years and not the cheap ones either, but found URLJet the better by far, for support and uptime.

        If you are new to vBulletin then I would suggest contacting URLJet first, they give you free managed hosting for vBulletin, free installs, free upgrades, etc. On top of that you get hourly backups, not many hosts will even come close to that support. Then you have your vBulletin hosted on LiteSpeed servers which speed up the running of your forum immensly.

        I am on a VPS plan with them, and run 3 forums easily, not all are vBulletin, and I hardly ever contact support because their service uptime is very high, even though I do have third-party companies monitoring my sites 24/7, really I do not need it.

        As for StartLogic, ask yourself these simple questions... They state they can offer unlimited bandwidth, webspace, email accounts, etc - for a start this is the biggest 'LIE' in the webhosting industry, a sales tactic to encourage you to purchase hosting from them. Now, think about it, how can a company realistically offer UNLIMITED anything? you cannot buy an unlimited space hard drive for a start!! And, if you start reading their terms of use you will soon see, that you have resources that you cannot go over, or they will ask you to upgrade or go elsewhere, you soon find out that the 'UNLIMITED' is really very limited. It is also another sign that the webhosting provider is overselling by offering everything unlimited and at ridiculous prices. Most people would not give a company like that a second look.

        Now, compare the aforementioned with what URLJet advertises - they do not offer unlimited anything, you are provided with exactly what they advertise, nothing less and nothing is hidden from view. Instantly, you see there is a big difference between the two companies that operate totally different to one another.

        Well, thats my 2 cents worth... hope you make the right decision!


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          Thank you ,
          For the info very much appericated. Yes I am new, I would like to ask you where would I post if looking for a CO-ADMIN. To help me design and oversee my forum it would most likely be boring to the person as it has to do with my bussines and the industry I am in. I would be willing to discuss pay as far as it is fair. I have checked hundreds of times and as of yet their is no forum pertaining to my industry. If someone was interested I could get into more details.


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            I'll PM you...


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              I'm also considering moving to URLjet, as I frequent a forum that runs on their "SHARED" server and it's still lightning fast.

              There's always gonna be a + and a - to everybody's "opinion". My advice to anyone, do your searching and research a LOT before choosing a host. The host of your forum can make or break you.

              -that"s all for now..... ;-)


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