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  • bone1
    New Member
    • Oct 2010
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    Hosts and Costs

    Our forum is currently hosted on proboards. We have just over 5000 posts in the 2 months and around 20 active members. This number is expected to increase to 10'000 posts a month with 30 active posters. According to proboards we currently have around 100 guests each day, which I honestly do not know how possible.

    Most of the members will be accessing the forum from Singapore (southeast asia). I, however, would be accessing the forum from Australia about 3/4 of the time.

    We are a lifestyle forum. Most of the talk is about our daily lives, some politics, children, work, school. We do post quite a large number of links to images and videos, just for fun. (To congratulate other members, share a new song, etc.)

    What are some good hosting companies for us? And how much bandwidth should we buy?

    [I know close to zero about hosing a forum. I have never done this before. The previous forum we were active on had moderators who were not really nice, so many of us moved. We are now thinking of moving on to a private server. Therefore as far as possible, I require a hosting site with really good support, preferably a 24 hour phone support or at least, one that operates within my time zone of GMT+8]
  • ryan1918
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    • Jun 2010
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    You could get a shared provider located on the west coast which shouldn't be too bad and shouldn't be any different than getting a provider in germany, as us connections are much better, depending upon what provider you shouldn't have to get any huge package as your stats are very low and you shouldn't have to pay more than $10 a month, You could get a hosting provider that is $2 a month, but get quality over price, it will work out in the end. Your guests could be search engine bots, or a bot that is crawling your site, and not actual members. If you wanted a provider from singapore or around that area your going to be paying 5x what bandwidth costs in the united states, that's why i'd recommend a us host.

    You should be okay with 1GB space and 5-10GB bandwidth, don't buy from a provider that offers unlimited.

    What's the url of your site, I can trace route it from the united states and I'll let you know what speeds you would be getting if you were from the us roughly.


    • bone1
      New Member
      • Oct 2010
      • 4

      Hmm.. I was looking at URLjet at the prices were more than 25 a month, so its good to hear that it could be much less..

      By the way, must we pay extra to install vBulletin? Is that a usual practice? I'm still leaning towards urljet as it says it'll do all the installation for free.. And it seems that there is lots of positive feedback on their customer service...

      Oh... and we're currently at


      • bone1
        New Member
        • Oct 2010
        • 4

        I'm currently looking at The server's physical location is in Singapore and I have read quite a few good reviews about both the server speed and support. Would the standard shared hosting plan be sufficient? This is the link to the hosting plans:

        Also, I read that vBulletin does do free installations onto the server for me here: Is it true? How would it be done?


        • Steve Machol
          Former Customer Support Manager
          • Jul 2000
          • 154488

          The Professional Installation costs $150 in addition to the cost of a license. You will need a web server that already has PHP and MySQL installed and running.

          Note: vBulletin requires a web server that includes PHP (minimum version 5.2.0) and MySQL (minimum 4.1.0) installed.
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          • bone1
            New Member
            • Oct 2010
            • 4

            Would I be able to install vBulletin without the professional installation? What is the difference between paying for professional installation and installing it myself?

            The server on oryonnetworks meet the requirements right?


            • Zachery
              Former vBulletin Support
              • Jul 2002
              • 59097

              Yes you can, the difference is who does it, we do the professional install for you.

              You'd have to ask them.


              • aaraam
                • Oct 2005
                • 77
                • 3.8.x

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