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which hosting company do you recommend

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  • which hosting company do you recommend

    Im thinking about switching host company for my vbulletin site which hosting
    company do you all recommend. I need one with FFMPEG

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      Get a VPS futurehosting


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        I'd suggest -

        My review of them -


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          Go with hostgator. Good support, good plans. VPS starting at $20/month


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            hostgator is cheap cause they OVERSELL their servers, once your server starts hitting high CPU usage they would most probably remove you. If your forum is indeed big enough for a vps try KnownHost or Servint or Wired Tree. They all may seem a lil expensive compared to others but they make up for it in quality support.


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              All webhosts oversell their services, its expected in the industry. Go for a webhost that provides reasonable harddrive and bandwith limitations that you can work with. Find a webhost that does not restrict their mysql storage space to anything elss than what your account is offered in storage.

              Find out what their limitations on mysql connections per user are, anytihng lower than 25 I'd be worried about.


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                There is no way I'd ever recommend Bluehost for a vBulletin Board...

                I registered a domain through them about 2-3 years ago and it could not even support the smooth running of a fresh *new* phpBB board - good luck with this.


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                  My host is kind of complaining about my forum's load lately and suggesting I move to VPS or move me to a less busy server
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                    Originally posted by Zachery View Post
                    All webhosts oversell their services, its expected in the industry.
                    No they don't and it is not expected. A good host WON'T oversell but a cheap ass host will.

                    Don't listen to everyone recommending hostgator, they do oversell and they have hella spam sites hosted on their servers so it brings ur site down in Googles eyes. Their customer support is **** and they have increased their prices.

                    I'm with Arvixe. They seem pretty fast, their support team is always willing to help, and the most basic shared hosting plan is $4 which includes unlimited data storage and bandiwdth (and contrary to that fact they don't oversell). They also let you use a good amount of CPU usage (It's between 15-25% of total server per account, but i forgot the actual number). Everyon else I know is having no trouble with them. I've only been with them less than a month though so maybe my review isn't the best to go by.
                    and the BEST THING OF ALL is that they dont try and make you pay per year or 2 years like every other major host, it's PER MONTH which is one of the main things i was lookin for in a host


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                      I am assuming you want FFmpeg for Photopost Pro thumbnail creation, and not actually for vBulletin itself. I would recommend that you take a look at - whether its shared, VPS or dedicated they provide a service that other companies should really look at. They charge more for packages, but you soon see the benefits of paying that little bit extra. Backups all done hourly, all servers use LightSpeed not slow Apache, if you need additional PHP modules added then they will add them, in most cases. They offer managed vBulletin support, this includes free installs and upgrades and they will also add modifications if required. They are rated in the top 3 hosts over on WHT, which says a lot about their services.

                      I have been with them for nearly a year now and never had a single downtime, apart from a network issue which lasted about 20 minutes. My sites are all monitored by a third-party so I know when there are downtimes. I am actually on a custom VPS, which is fully managed. I don't just run vBulletin on it either, I have other forum scripts running and Photopost Pro.

                      If you want just hosting then you go to places like Hostgator, whom oversell and use ridiculous cPanel restriction scripts - I tried a backup on their servers recently and hit one - they do not allow customers to backup more than 4Gb of data, even though cPanel has a 10Gb limit!!! I guess that's what you get from being with an 'overselling' host.


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                        I just switched from hostgator to a VPS with ServInt. Best move I ever made.
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                , I am with them and they are genuine vB specialists.
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                            Originally posted by himselfone View Post
                            No they don't and it is not expected. A good host WON'T oversell but a cheap ass host will.
                            If they want to stay afloat in the webhosting business, they oversell.

                            So you really, truely believe that your 4 dollar a month webhost who offers unlimited packages doesn't oversell at all? 1 person is all that can fit on a unlimited vps/server. Thats it, if they put more than one account on that machine they're overselling it.

                            A server stright out costs lets say 2k for someone who has resources and a contract. The line costs at least 200/mo to have it for their machine. Now they've got 2k plus another 2.4k for the year. They need to recoupe 4.4k for that single server. You're really telling me they're onling going to per one person per account on that machine? How do they make money?

                            To break even they'd need to put 100~ accounts on that server they'd make a profit of 400 dollars, assuming they had 100 accounts for the whole year.

                            How did they pay their staff? How did they pay salarys for the people who own the company?

                            every webhost oversells How they oversell may differ, but its a requirement to stay in the business.
                            Chances are they throw 200-400 accounts on the machine before moving on to another, if not more. I've seen shared webhosts have up to 1000 accounts on a single machine.

                            Speaking on the limitations of unlimited. If you actually tried to take advantage of those unlimited options you'd be kicked off so fast. There is always a limit, its in their terms as what they define as "abusive". Either start uploading files over and over again, or throw some super popular video game download up on your server and see how quickly your bandwidth disapears and how quickly you get booted out the door.


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                              Originally posted by Merjawy View Post
                              My host is kind of complaining about my forum's load lately and suggesting I move to VPS or move me to a less busy server
                              It won't be long until you need to move to a dedicated server.
                              My v4 site with half the traffic as my v3 site uses twice the resources.
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