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  • Suggestions for private domain registration

    I am considering starting a forum that has a high probability of litigation, or at least threats, due to posts that could be considered libelous. I would like suggestions for a registrar and host that won't provide useful responses to subpoenas.

    Also, I had planned to use vB. Is it possible to tie a domain to a license, and then to the owner? Thanks.

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    If you're planning to host something illegal in any way, you're going to get sued. Your domain registrar likely won't be sued, as they're not hosting your content, but you will. If you're going for free speech, let me know what sort of content it's about (via PM if it is more comfortable) and I might be able to recommend some people.


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      Offshore domain registrar & offshore hosting?

      Someone buys a license, then to download it you need to provide an url. You also need to keep that url updated or (IPS?) will assume the live site they find is unlicensed and take your site down with the hosts cooperation. But if the host is offshore and won't cooperate...

      And if the offshore domain registrar does not cooperate and give your details, you may not be able to be traced back to your forum.

      Odds are much greater that you or someone else will accidentally post something that would identifiy you in some way.


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        There called "bulletproof hosts". They usually reside within countries that have little laws or simply don't care about laws, ie. where most of the spam comes from, porn is hosted, etc. They typically cost a little more to also be totally ignorant to all and any legal requests sent to them.

        My understanding though is that one little problem exists. If you're outside of that country where laws mean little, then if authorities do get your details, and if you reside within a country that laws apply for such topic as you intend to create, then if caught you are still going to jail / get sued, just like spammers who get caught. I have read about a couple of instances where the person has actually moved to reside within the country to avoid prosecution. Still though, once you cross International borders, if you have committed an act outside of that country into other countries, you cross borders at your own risk.

        My advice, if your going to do something that is possibly going to cause legal issues, seek legal advice first from a specialist lawyer for Internet law to find the right avenue for yourself and your situation. Even then, get a second opinion after that fact from another independent expert, to see if they can poke holes in previous advice given.


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