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How much traffic can support this VPS ?

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  • How much traffic can support this VPS ?


    I would like to know what can I expect from this server using vbulletin4:

    Essential VPS
    30 GB Disk Space
    1 TB Monthly Transfer
    768 MB Guaranteed (1.5 GB Burst RAM)

    1-How many user at the sametime can this server support ?
    2-How many visits x day can this server suport?

    Some info would be welcome

    thank you.

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    You can't base a server on how many users at once, because the type of content being accessed is what derives the server load. A text only forum is different than if people are uploading and viewing lots of images, attachments, video, etc. You start at the bottom, which you are doing from quoting the base range ServInt VPS, then if you require more, you just upgrade with zero downtime. That is the beauty of a VPS... a dedicated virtual environment within a container that can be moved between servers, upgraded, downgraded, etc... with zero downtime doing so.


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      Yes, of course, i know that. I meant an approximation, i think that is possible to estimate...

      100-200 online ?
      300-300 online?

      700-1000 online?


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        I tested my vps with the forum version of vbulletin 4

        I got 869 Users - Bots

        My Specs are

        50gb of space
        unlimited transfer
        2gb of ram.

        For yours i'd say 700-800


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          You need to also think about the actual CPU speed, and how resources are used.

          I am currently working with a client that has a minimum of 300-400 concurrent users all the time. vB4 is struggling to stabilize on the VPS server provided by Hostgator, and that is using their VPS Level 5 configuration. We are looking at moving the site to and their VPS 5, but even that looks like a gray area - it maybe dedicated that is requiired.

          I tried re-enabling vBSEO 3.5, but of course that requires rewrites on a majority of urls, therefore causing an even higher server load.

          Any VPS can easily be upgraded as your hardware requirements increase, but the more modifications used will normally add further queries to your database which in turn requires more resources.


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            When I started on the base VPS that you are describing, I have had over 1000 users online at once across varying domains on the VPS, without issue, when I began at the base level. ServInt VPS are extremely high performance, high end equipment. If you only have users reading and posting, then the VPS will cope extremely sufficiently I believe you will find.


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