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  • Help me pick out the best one

    OK i am ready to buy my V_bulletion baord, and my hosting.

    these are the four options I have

    I plan to have a fairly big community, around 50 -70 users online at a time. Already have peopl waiting to sighn up there will be avatars, at around 62 by 62 and also there will be sigs around the size of 40000 for abtou everyuser, now considering the data above how much would you ESTIMATE my storage will be and my monthly trasfer ( at least give me an estimate on my monthly trasfer)

    and pick one of the hosts i seleceted thanks!!!

    CAn't wait!!!

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    wow 27 views but no help


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      Frankly I've never heard of any of those hosts.
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          I too have never heard of any of those hosts. You might want to ask the people at
          They also use vB



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            The BEST host

            I have my forums hosted with

            I can honestly say that realwebhost is the absolute best host I have ever seen. They're customer support is EXCELLENT. They're prices are UNBEATABLE.

            I recomend Real Web Host for any hosting application.

            YOU WON'T BE DISSAPOINTED!!!!!!!!

            Ryan Smaglik


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              OK thanks guys, I lik the last one that you mentioned, I think i will go for that, hey also anyone knwo what this board runs off?


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                i use , i like them very much. i haven't wrote a review yet.


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                  What a nice and fast board jakeman! Which of the hosting packages from venturesonline do you have?



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                    i'm on dedicated plan #1 w/ 512MB RAM... sharing with one other person to help with costs. i end up paying $100 a month.

                    i've done lots of little things to increase performance of my forums: gzip output, font classes, removing many of the images from the templates, etc.


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                      Of the hosts you listed, I would avoid and Buznet because they claim to offer unlimited bandwidth. That is generally a sign of a poor host, because there is no such thing as unlimited bandwidth.

                      I've been kicked off of a lot of servers due to my traffic. Keep in mind that bandwidth is only part of the issue. Your forum will be resource intensive, and this will cause hosts to dislike you. With up to 70 users online at a time, you may be in need of a dedicated server.

                      One of our forums has an average of 80 users online at a time, and in peak hours goes up to around 150. That forum uses 3 gigs bandwidth per day, although with gzip it cuts that in half.

                      We are with VenturesOnline and have a #4 dedicated server. They are by far the best host we've ever had.


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                        I use the new V650 plan and I am very , very happy with them and there support is very good. I got this because my site has decent traffic 75 users on at one time in peak hrs and average of 20 most other times and it is very fast even at peak times and haven't noticed one bit of down time and we have been with them almost a month so far .



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                          out of curiosity... do you know how many accts are on each v650 box?


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                            How about you Steve, how are you hosted?

                            And what's the url of your forum grumpy?

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                              sign up for the executive account at

                              it's where i host my vB, great prices and great options..
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