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  • Vbulletin hosting companies

    Searching the Internet for a quality hosting for my forum, I came across several hosts, specializing in Vbulletin hosting.

    One of such hosts is They offer several packages for a Vbulletin forum, depending on the quantity of simultaneous online users.

    Is it worth to go with them? Or is it better to just go with a good quality VPS?
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    I know that a number of people here use this company under it's normal name - Global Gold. Indeed, I've just moved my own site to Shared Hosting with them (not big enough to warrant bigger) and am impressed so far.

    Do a search for Global Gold and see the comments that come back - there's plenty (plus I'm sure Tim from GG is registered on here?)
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      We are using them and no matter what name they have there isn't anyone I think I would use ever based on their support.

      I was skeptical beings they are across the big pond as the time difference or lack of verbal discussions seemed to be a trouble spot.

      Not once has that been an issue and they have helped us way beyond the normal support they provide. Tim and Chris are both on top of things all the time which has made my life much easier. Thanks to both and all others involved with this company.
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        Global Gold

        Thought I would drop my penny in here as I have been with GG for about 4 months now.

        VPS servers had always made me nervous but after seeking the assistance of a number of globals people they had be on the right track in no time. My costs are down and the quality and speed of the server has improved greatly you really should give them a go.

        and no I don't work for them


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          Yeah, is the best, you may check my review here:


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            Originally posted by wii View Post
            Yeah, is the best, you may check my review here:

            Yes, I have read your remarkable review.

            But, the question remains: VPS or their shared hosting?
            By the way, is their VPS fully managed?
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              Only you can answer that question, if you have few members, just go with shared, but as long as your forum grows the need for VPS is greater, how big is your forum ?

              Globalgold is fully managed.


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                Originally posted by Ramya108 View Post
                Is it worth to go with them? Or is it better to just go with a good quality VPS?
                Ok, I don't believe you can listen to statements such as "is the best host", because that can never be the case. A specific host may be good for an individuals requirements and budget, however; they may be useless for the next persons requirements. Global Gold are a good host from all recommendations I have read about them, but they outlive their services IMO beyond basic forum setups. Yes, for a vBulletin setup at the basic level, they would be a better choice for starters than the typical shared hosting environments. If someone said to me, pay $5 a month for a crappy shared host, I would recommend to pay the extra and get the basic level from someone like Global Gold instead.

                If you require a VPS solution, then honestly, Global Gold tend to come out quite expensive for specs when you do a conversion between British Pounds and US$. You will find US companies that provide the same high level of service and equipment are a better choice with higher specs, same high service and equipment performance.

                It all comes down to what you specifically plan to run on initial startup and future plans.

                Again, basic forum setup, nothing fancy, Global Gold would be better than a base level VPS solution in the US from a reputable company (price). If you wanted a high level of video processing within your site, then you would be looking more towards a relevant hosting company that incorporates high performance with video streaming services. If your forum was planned to have an instant high demand then you would want a VPS that you can upgrade with quickly to meet rapid demands. If you had a forum where your graph was peaking rapidly and spiking weekly or monthly, you had planned events that took high resources for one day a month, then you would be better with a cloud host, where you can upgrade and downgrade your resources within an hour as you need, so you only pay for your peaks during peak periods, yet are not paying for a high end server per month when you only need it once a month... etc.

                When in doubt, start small to get going, keep doing homework on hosting companies and find what will match to your needs the best based on your forums niche and growth. Somewhere like is a great place for ongoing research, feedback and updates on server companies. A company can be great now, then completely suck within a year, vice versa.

                Added: Country specific hosts used to be important for localised search, though not so much any more. If you want local traffic (local SE listings) over International, then you only need use the local domain version, but can host anywhere around the globe. However, if you are using a .com or the like only, a non-localised domain extension, then you would need to use a country specific server company to get your search results locally focused within SERPS.


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                  Originally posted by Ramya108 View Post
                  But, the question remains: VPS or their shared hosting?
                  Start with GGs shared hosting and take it from there, you cann't really go wrong with them in my opinion and you can always look at their VPS at a later date if needed
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                    Thank you, all!
                    I am now moving my forum to a GlobalGold shared hosting (vb200).
                    Tim said there is no need for a bigger package.

                    The package will be upgraded with time when my forum grows bigger.
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                      off-course there are lot of hosting source avail across the globe,as well diff hosting plans are also there thing is that reliable in order to that i found a hosting source where i found cheap plans.


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