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Become more efficent or a new server...

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  • Become more efficent or a new server...

    Here is what I have...

    Equipment from The Planet
    Pentium 2.8GHz w/ 1GB RAM
    80GB Harddrive
    RHEL with Plesk
    100Mbps Connection
    100GB of FTP Backup

    I am nearing 25 small time websites with about 5 big websites where four of them have vBulletin. I am wanting to become more efficient (most important) and to also expand. Here is my bandwidth information...

    1. My 15 minute load averages have been nearing 65% lately in the mornings and evenings.
    2. Backups, using the hateful plesk backup system, are taking too long especially as my member base increases because of usage of the sites are becoming more 24x7.
    3. Backups are becoming huge - 13GB for a complete dump! This means my backup account is only getting about 1.5 weeks of bi-daily backups
    4. After viewing cPanel, I really hate Plesk! I am made that I have been so limited for the past 4 years with Plesk!
    5. Pushing bi-daily server backups is using up alot of my bandwidth of which I don't think is any more secure then a secondary harddrive that is mounted as required and is noexec if someone starts looking at backup scripts, etc.

    I am pretty confident my PHP and MySQL settings are adequate (can post this evening).

    Options For New Hardware
    1. Continue to use The Planet
    2. Use another unmannage dedicate provider
    3. Go colo?

    The issue with liscenses seems to make The Planet still worth it, but I don't know. My experience with Linux and Web Hosting has been limited to my experience with the webserver and solving issues as they arrise. I have learned a bit more over the last year but I feel way behind the curve when it comes to optimizing settings and such.

    Further Questions
    1. Is a secondary harddrive for backups any less safe then a FTP account?
    2. I read the following thread: Why is it so advantageous to divide up everything in to partitions? I think I understand the /tmp because it is easier to secure and you can easily clean it.
    3. Does moving the SQL to an independent drive really increase efficiency that much?
    4. If I went with 3 drives,1 for MySQL and 1 large for backups and 1 for everything else, be adequate and efficent?
    5. How much bigger should I go on hardware sepcs and how far will that really get me?
    6. Is there any issues from people when dealing with these partitions and such when dealing with cPanel and such?

    Thanks for all of the help!

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    For your further questions:

    1. Depends on the FTP account. Go with a reputed offsite backup provider with rsync and ftp capabilities.
    3. If you are having I/O problems it will help.
    4. Not necessarily a good idea.
    5. As far as you want it to go, depending on how much cash you can spend.
    6. cPanel has specific partition requirements from what I know, so don't mess with it if you are using cPanel.


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