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  • Starting from scratch

    All input welcome, needed and appreciated.
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    As your requirement will be minimum initially, you can start with entry level server. You can upgrade the hardware as your requirement grows.
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      Just search from then at Google or you can also put your question at few other webhosting forums like WHT or FWS...
      BTY, are you looking for UK or US based hosting service provider ?


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        100k members for a new site? Wow! Whilst I admire your optimism, it's wise to think small before you think big.


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          Originally posted by Gav-n-Tn
          I realize that those are arbitrary numbers. The real intent of the query was to see which ones could handle that kind of scenario. BUT, yes I am very optimistic about my plans. I had hoped for several names of hosts to be dropped by folks on here that have experience so that I could check them out.
          I hope you wont get offended for my unwanted advice, but most webmasters starting a new site tends to overestimate the traffic and server requirements. The kind of numbers you have shown is too difficult to reach within a short time, unless of course you have something great or lot of money to spend on promotions. Forums are slow to pick up naturally and grow fast after it reaches a certain level.

          Back to hosting. You have the option to start with a shared, VPS or dedicated server. Normally people prefer to start with a shared hosting account and move on to something bigger as they grow. But I assume you would be more inclined to get a dedicated server, since your expectations are quite high.

          For dedicated servers, first you need to see whether you need a managed server or can be okay with a self managed server. Self managed serevr takes some skills and time, but would save you a lot of money.

          For self managed, you can checkout softlayer, thePlanet etc. Start with a small configuration server and it is pretty easy to upgrade as and when required. Ram , processor upgrades are pretty easy - so no need to pay for the resources you do not need today. They also provide some server management - you can select the support and management level you can wish.

          Liquidweb is a good choice if you want a more customer friendly, managed hosting at a relatively higher cost.

          There are also premium dedicated hosting providers like rackspace, but their rates are way too high for most people.

          All the hosts above are US based, so you shouldn't have a trouble with them.
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            Don't even consider theplanet. They've never been the same since the datacenter explosion in Houston a little over year ago. Serverbeach is a great datacenter, with reasonable prices for unmanaged dedicated servers. I've moved a dozen or more servers from theplanet to serverbeach since the incident, and complaints went from "through the roof" to zero.
            Anybody who says "it can't be done" will usually be interrupted by somebody who is already doing it.


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              40 miles from Copperhill, TN

              Hostgator is a poor excuse for a shared hosting environment. I thought you were looking big?
              Anybody who says "it can't be done" will usually be interrupted by somebody who is already doing it.


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                I made my recommendation in post 10

                If you downgrade to vps, I'd recommend servint. If you downgrade to shared hosting, justsixbucks
                Anybody who says "it can't be done" will usually be interrupted by somebody who is already doing it.


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                  .com, yeah. LOL. I run a bunch of small sites out of there just because the guy that owns the place doesn't oversell the servers. Not to mention that I'm the administrator for the servers for the owner, so I trust the company to keep the servers up
                  Anybody who says "it can't be done" will usually be interrupted by somebody who is already doing it.


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                    Originally posted by Gav-n-Tn
                    Well nobody's making any real recommendations. I've got rookie written all over me. I don't know squat about this but I'm bound and determined to get it going. What do you recommend?
                    Sounds like you're a lot like me in that respect, though I received a recommendation just the other day and I think I'll be signing up with them. They even have someone live to talk to in sales to answer any and all questions. I was very happy with the information and their package offerings: I can't speak from experience about their service but the individual who recommended them thinks very highly of them, for what it's worth.


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