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  • Vash911
    I cannot say enough good things about these guys. Tim was exceptional, he answered all of my inquiries. And even did an urgent install of my forum for free. From a customer service stand point these guys are fantastic. If you are hesitant take the plunge. Just be sure to remember if you are from the states they are a good 5-6 hours a head of you!.

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  • motoxer311
    Tim and Chris helped me in setting up my Jacksonville, Florida based sport bike website.. I am very new to Plesk/VPS and they had it up and going in no time..

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  • Jah-Hools
    65 % US visited,

    70,000 members

    2,000 -3,000 online = average visitor figure..

    No problems..

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  • FoodTVFans
    I host a site that was primarily designed for members in the US ( and was originally hosted on a leased server in California.

    As I have learned that it can take a while to build your forum (one of my main competitors was online for over two years before people started to use their site), I decided that cost would be important to hold out for the long run. So for that reason I picked Global Gold which is in the UK, ultimately. They don't know it, but they actually "won" my business.

    Let me explain that a little... One of the major problems that I have found with hosts in the US, is that while you can find some good rates, how do you move the damn thing? That's the problem right there. It's called "data migration" and with the fancy name, often there comes a fancy price... And of course if you are already running vBulletin on a US server and want to move somewhere else, your existing hosting company has no motivation to help you at all, because they want to "retain" your site and keep charging you.

    So I ordered services to move my vBulletin site (since vBulletin will offer an install service, but won't help you even move it), from THREE companies on the same day. I never told any of the companies that I did that, I just waited to see who could do it first.

    Global Gold (in the UK) beat the other two companies big time. In fact i had had a third company ( that had been trying to move it for two weeks and never could get it to work.

    Global Gold moved it extremely fast with no hassle to me, and kept me updated by email. It only took them a very short amount of time. So I was able to cancel the California server that i was paying $89 a month for, switch to Global Gold with the free move/data migration, and now my bill in only like $12 US.

    Now in answer to your question about it being slower or posts taking too long to show up? To begin with it's pretty much impossible for a "post to take longer to show up" because when a post is made, it's on the server right then. I believe what you may be concerned about it latency between the US and the UK.

    I have experienced no noticable latency (slowness) yet. Keep in mind, my forum is very slow because it's very new, but if I didn't know it myself, I would never suspect it's on servers in the UK.

    What it all comes down to is the quality of the service at Global Gold. Basically how much bandwidth they have, how they are connected to the internet backbones, and how much service they sell compared to what they have... In addition to my own site, before I considered them, I tested some other sites hosted by them, and have never been able to tell any delay. The UK is wired pretty well. Try pulling up, then and you won't see a difference.


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  • Baba Wawa
    started a topic -- for U.S. sites too? -- for U.S. sites too?

    Quite a few people here have spoken highly of GlobalGold, a British company, as a hosting service. I'm wondering, though, how many of them are U.S. sites, or sites with a primarily U.S. audience?

    I've read that it's better to host your site in North America if your target audience is a North American one. Otherwise there is apparently some delay in posts appearing, etc.

    So, does anyone have a U.S. site that they host with GlobalGold? or with any other British hosting service?
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