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Other hosting oprions? (VServes does not support server side includes)

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  • Other hosting oprions? (VServes does not support server side includes)

    Please please help me. We want to transfer to a very reliable and fast webhost. We originally wanted VServes, but they just emailed me and said that they don't support server side includes (which is actually very weird).

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    That is very odd. Try,, and also do a search for the host at The great part about hostsearch is that you can read other people's reviews of the host you are considering. That will really help you stay away from the unreliable and slow webhosts =]

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      bah, vservers supports includes

      Vservers does in fact support includes, although there may be some confusion in the terminology. Server Side Includes used to be most commonly, and perhaps officially, associated with ASP because it was around before PHP. PHP can include files in the same way that SSI works with ASP, but ASP is used on NT servers, and PHP is usually offered mainly for Unix/linux based servers.

      It seems that the vservers rep you talked to misinterpreted your referance to Server Side Includes as being associated to using ASP SSI's on a Unix/Linux/BSD (or any of the other variants) server, when in fact (I'm assuming) you were referring to SSI in the general sence, as in the act of including one file in another file.

      Hope this clears up any confusion you may have had, I've used vservers for about 9 months now, and I can assure you that you can include files. It's just the method of inclusion that varies depending on the OS of the server you order.

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        Well, I have been using SSI for months (years) and they (VServer) do support it.


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          works fine for me

          I use them and it works fine for me. I have no problem whatsoever. The SSI works.


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            vserver vshmerver

            what's so great about them? their prices for dedicated are through the roof.


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              What's so great about your site?


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                That's a ****ing jackass response. Not worthy of answering.


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                  Tisk, tisk. Play nice, children

                  The irony of it is that you did answer...



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                    Iron is good for you

                    It's not irony cuz I new that fact and was just too tired to think of another way to put it... the same reason I probably wrote it in the first place.

                    Gotta go beddy boo.


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                      I found a really cheap host that supports PHP3 and PHP3 + MySql:


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