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In Search For A Good Hosting Company I Can Grow With

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  • In Search For A Good Hosting Company I Can Grow With

    Hi Everyone.

    I am hoping to hear some suggestions of good hosts that my forum can comfortably be on for some time before I'd perhaps have to obtain a dedicated server and then a person to administer it becaus I certainly can't. It is really important to me that the pages load quickly and the upload of attachments is also a fairly quick process. I originally signed up with shared hosting at verio and the pages kept sticking and were slow to load. So yesterday I moved the forum to hostgator. Well I am also noticing a very slow performance at times, but enough to put a bug in my head for my newbie forum. After all there is no one on it now, what will it be like if I actually had concurrent users?

    I am comparing the speed to the linux VPS I have at Lunarpages that hosts a social network website of mine. So why not lunarpages? Well when it's on top of it's game, the pages load like lightening and it's just a joy to use, but I've had my site also go down to many times to count and there can be times it gets painfully slow. Customer service is only Mon-Fri in working hours and that isn't much help when your site goes kerplunk on a Saturday morning. The site always gets back up, but that is still an issue to me. So I've crossed them off my list.

    Cost really isn't important to me, I am willing to pay for quality. I don't mind getting a VPS if it's a managed one like the one at currently use. I just don't know much about running a dedicated server. I can use cpanel, create a database and use phpmyadmin. That's about it. I want *good* customer service and tech support that actually has technical knowledge, ideally 24/7. Am I dreaming? I know there has to be good hosting providers out there.

    For my hosting needs in the past I have already tried and currently am using for some sites that are not forums, Hostway, Verio, Aplus, Hostgator, Cirtex, Bluehost, Valueweb, Downtown host, Dreamhost (eek that one was the worst) Vistapages, and Lunarpages. And I do have a dedicated server at the planet, but I am going to cancel it because I simply don't know what I'm doing in there, not sure what I was thinking getting that and thinking it would be a snap to take care of. I'd take a class on it, if I knew what type of class I needed.

    Any other suggestions?

    Thanks for reading this, I appreciate any suggestions.

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    You could get away with a managed VPS depending on the size of your forum, just make sure you know what you are expecting to get for your money, because a hosting company will not(for example) install vbulletin mods for you, they'll just take care of the backend and make sure apache/mysql are working right.


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      thank you for the reply

      Hi Thanks for your reply. I know how to install the software and even move it from one server to another, so I'm not worried about that part.

      I'm all for a managed VPS, anyone know of a *REALLY* good one for vbulletin? Were the page load quick, upoads of images are fairly quick etc. While my forum is really tiny I want to make sure I have plenty of room to grow with my new hosting company



      • #4 are exceptionally good in all areas of server management.

        They even run vBulletin on the support forums for extra points


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 is another good host to consider.


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   for sure. very professional overall, i use & have been using them for quite a while without any problems what so ever. they seem like honestly the best option out there by far . Their support is awesome too

            good luck


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              Hey huntopia,

              i think your weak point is managing a dedicated server. I suggest hire a system admin or get a management plan for your server . Get them to optimize & tweak the server for you.

              And just concentrate on building your forum .


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                Originally posted by takita787 View Post
       for sure. very professional overall, i use & have been using them for quite a while without any problems what so ever. they seem like honestly the best option out there by far . Their support is awesome too

                good luck
                I disagree with you comment about their support. While they are quick, they're slow on the uptake. Much of the time, in my experience, they do not take the time to actually read what I tell them. I ended up losing patience and threatening to take my business elsewhere before someone would actually get their hands dirty instead of giving me inane generic pre-recorded responses.
                Jeez... I can't believe my post count mostly consists of questions! :eek:


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                  You may take a look @ managed VPS offers from Liquidweb.
                  Hosting Coupons: Hostmonster @ $3.95 and 20% off Mediatemple


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                    Thank you for all the responses!

                    Thank you everyone for your responses. So sorry I had not written back sooner, I didn't know I got any replies since I had not gotten any more emails notifying me. I guess I set my subscription preferences wrong.

                    @ Lats - thank you for suggesting I looked at their website and this seems like a very promising hosting company for myself along with the other suggestion of Liquid web

                    @Haltech - thanks, definitely considering liquidweb!

                    @takita787 - I actually do have it on hostgator right now but I think that I will have to move it very shortly. I really have like basically very little members and I already ran into two issues. One was that my vbulletin delivered an error due to "too many sql connections" how could that be, there was only one person online. and the other error that occurred right after that one was "MySQL server has gone away" ... LOL where did it go

                    @ rolypoly - love your screen name - thanks for the suggestion

                    @ G3MM4 - I agree with your statement about Hostgator. I tried to contact them via chat (big mistake) and they kept trying to push me offline saying some canned response like "is that all, thank you for contacting hostgator" I was like "WAIITTTT, I didn't get my question answered!" LOL

                    @alemcherry - thats 2 votes for liquidweb, they do look good and very promising.

                    I appreciate all the time taken to respond to my post, thanks for all your help!


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                      You are welcome, huntopia (cute nick)


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