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What constitutes a small/large forum?

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  • What constitutes a small/large forum?

    Currently I am trying to find a hosting solution for a forum I am running. Right now its running vB 2.3.5 and we will probably be upgrading to 3.7+ when we move to a new host. I see lots of posts about hosts supporting "small" or "large forums. What is small and large?

    Right now, there are 200 people browsing our forums, with something like 10,000 members active within the past two years. Would we be a large forum? Or a small forum? As well, what kind of hosting plan should I be looking into... Any recommendations?
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    Depending on your budget, you might want to try and squeeze into a VPS, so you have room to grow in the future without needing to migrate. Depending on how many mods/hacks you have and how image heavy the site is, you could also stay with shared.


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      How many new threads/post a day are you getting? Any hacks? Are you planning on adding more when you upgrade to 3.7?


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        Well I know I would definately want a VPS... Right now I couldnt really tell you how many new posts we get a day, as it fluctuates a lot. With the 3.7 version, we are looking to add a large number of hacks to it to create more of a community, instead of just a forum... So how good of a VPS would we need?

        Like I said... 300 people online at the current moment... I was looking into a $50 VPS at, but I'm starting to hear back things about their VPS solutions. Does anyone have any other recommendations?

        We plan on setting up a "subscription" service, so people can donate for server costs, and right now we have a large number of people willing to do so.


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          So does anyone have any recommendations for a VPS solution that would fit our needs?


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            Go here and check for reviews.


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              The problem is, there is too much content on that website... Would it at all be possible for someone to perhaps just list 3 choices for me? So that I know where to start?


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                Both are good.


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                  Okay... I looked into those two hosts at, and I think I'll be choosing Knownhost over JaguarPC...

                  However, looking at Knownhost, they really have two different colocation centers... one for "double bandwidth" and one for "premium bandwidth". What is the difference? Which one would be better for hosting a vBulletin?


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                    You would have to contact them to see what the difference is.


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                      one for "double bandwidth" and one for "premium bandwidth".
                      More than likely double would be a cheaper bandwidth and the premium most costly yet more stable.

                      Real Web Host


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                        I think u need dedicated server then VPS because you growing and i believe after u upgrade to vb 3.7 and add new add-ons will be more use .

                        I believe your bugget have to be 100 to 150 per month .

                        VPS normally will cost 50 to 80 per month .


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                          If you are lookign for VPS suggestions, I would recommend Liquidweb or Serverpoint. Both provide excellent support.

                          Also make sure that you choose a good configuration (Atleast 512 mb assured RAM) . Your site is not really small with 200 members online at a time.
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