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  • gigapros
    You don't need to upgrade to a VPS just to get a bigget database.
    If 1&1 can't give you a bigger size database, just chage your shared hosting provider.

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  • XFSImperial
    started a topic Looking for some input

    Looking for some input

    One of my vBulletin currently runs on a 1&1 shared hosting plan, the only problem with these plans being the 100MB limit of their MySQL databases. Currently, the forum running on that plan sits at about half the capacity and I'm worried that over the next 3 to 4 months, we'll be reaching the 100MB threshold. The only thing 1&1 can do for me is recommend an upgrade to their VPS plan that costs $24 a month.

    If I did purchase a VPS, I wouldn't mind have the additional space to migrate my other forums onto (given that the others run on a Windows server). I also would not mind simply changing my web hosting to another company with a substantially higher MySQL database limit that permits hosting of multiple websites (or even a reseller package).

    So basically, should I look for a comparable VPS or should I look for a reseller/multi-website plan? I would say I don't want to pay more than $25.

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