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Communitech just killed my VB

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    after I telnetted in and typed

    cd /home (hit your enter key)

    This is when I get this error:

    No such file or directory

    Looks like CT will not allow anyone to see how many accounts are on their boxes.
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      Hmm.. try cd ~ (hit return)



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        on a shared acct wouldn't the home directory be hidden? your starting directory should be the one just above public_html... like when you are ftping into your server.

        ...i think


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          Originally posted by Bridgette
          Hmm.. try cd ~ (hit return)

          cd (hit your enter key)

          This is when I get this error:

          No such file or directory
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            Did you try it with the ~ key?



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              I tried it both ways



              cd ~

              Both gave me this error: No such file or directory

              Bridget, how do you like Futurquest?..I'm thinking of moving there, this will be my 3rd move in less than a year. I thin CT is trying to force me out.
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                re: cd ~ -- no idea what else you can try but I know someone else on ctech, so I'll ask how to get you where you need to go.

                re: futurequest.

                I've been with 3 hosts in the past 4 or 5 years and my experience with FutureQuest has been the best, by far.


                They are real people with sincere concern about doing things right. They pay attention to detail & there is no 'sweeping issues under the rug' (they are as honest as the day is long), no hassles or games.

                If my sites get too big for FQ, they will tell me and I'll be able to make adjustments or find a host that has dedicated machines.

                No games, no lunacy. No bait & switch.

                I've seen it happen to some of their most successful clients and even if they decide to get a dedicated box somewhere else, they often hang out and stay in touch via the FQ forums.

                I can't think of a better compliment to a web host than clients who feel like an extended family.

                The price is higher than some other hosts but I've always said I'd pay for quality and I'm happy to do that. I know my hosting isn't going to be an issue. It's solid.

                Ask yourself this: Have you ever heard a complaint about FQ from a present or former customer? I haven't.



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                  Well, I for one can relate to that bait & switch thing.

                  Paid them for 12 months and had to move in less than 30 days. They crashed my VB like 2 times a week.

                  No issues, just hit me with a whopping bill due to bandwidth overage. I felt some price gauging.

                  Been there for about 9 months, been running my vb since I came there. Now in month #9 they claim that it's using too many resiurces? I have not have an increase in membership...most of my members left my vb when I started to how in the heck could it be using up so many resources ALL OF A SUDDEN?

                  Thanks for the tip
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                    Originally posted by rockergrrl
                    Communitech has been known to pull the plugs on website without prior notice.... no warnings... no email....nada word...

                    Also... Communitech has been known to put over 300+ virtual accounts on one server....

                    I suggest you find another host (when you can) Communitech has been bad news for years now...

                    from :
                    Let's use FutureQuest, Inc. as an example:
                    FutureQuest uses 73GB (73,000 megabytes or MB) hard drives in each server and average 275 accounts per server.

                    73,000MB / 275 accounts = 265MB per account on average.
                    Since FutureQuest's average account allowance currently ranges from 50MB to 300MB of disk space, this appears to be an honest and realistic offering.


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                      Get away from Communitech as fast as possible if you can...

                      I was there when the first started. I was on a shared server. They switched my site to a new shared Sun server, however, they didn't realize I had a password protected directory with a db connected. So they made the switch. I was like "Where's my stuff?" They left it on the old server but couldn't find it.

                      I called them every hour on the hour. They disconnected thier ICQ. ETC. So I had PPL (Pre-Paid Legal) call them and hit them with some papers. All of the sudden my calls returned. [I wonder why?]

                      On my end, I should have had a backup. On there end, they should have informed me that they were switching my site. To compensate me, they sent me $50, that covered the first hour of 5 to restore my db.

                      I use Rackspace. com now. But if you want something really cheap, check out I know a few people who use them and I haven't heard any horror stories.


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                        There no point trying to determine how many virtual hosts are on a Communitech shared server anymore- they do everything they can to prevent this in their custom shell. From memory there are somewhere around 900 -1100 active domains running cgi's on their servers (sun sparc e series with a gig of ram).

                        Suggest moving on elswhere for V hosting


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