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Can someone comment on liquidweb?

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  • Can someone comment on liquidweb?

    Salutations. I'm a moderator at the forums, an EZboard which currently has over 5,500 registered members. We've been experiencing much difficulty with EZboard as of late (including having them arbitrarily delete an entire board that was associated with SWFans), and so we've been looking at other alternative. vBulletin looks to be the most promising solution, and I personally have had some great experiences with them.

    The main concern with everyone at the moment is finding a reliable and budget-friendly hosting service. Someone reccomended Liquidweb as a viable hosting service, and it does look to be adequate. I was wondering if someone who's had experience with hosting a board with them (especially a large board), could comment on their quality of service. Also, any other cheap and dependable reccomendations are more than welcome. Thanks.

    Edit ~ I know that there's another thread not too far down which also mentions Liquidweb, but it's not entirely informative. My apologies if this seems a bit redundant.
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    try the search button in
    There are some old thread about liquid web.
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      Thanks for the help. I'll go have a look now.


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        In my experience they don't know anything about configuring mySQL or vB, and you will probably have difficulties running a large board on their shared servers. If you have a dedicated server, and you can do all the configuration and maintenance yourself - Liquidweb is probably fine. They don't work weekends though, and that's kept my systems offline for 1-2 days at a time if something should need tweaking on the server after midnight Friday.

        They threatened to shut me off when I first turned on vB. I had 25 simultaneous users at the time and they told me my server load was too high. In reality, the pconnect option was set and I had held an open database connection longer than they thought I should. I suspect that "server resources" were just fine and nothing I did was a problem. They did not seek me out and talk about what was going on or even try to understand the issues - they simply threatened me with account termination if I did not cease whatever it was I was doing to their servers immediately.

        I changed the config parameter to turn off persistent connections to the mySQL database and things were fine.

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          Search for liquidweb on these forums too...


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            Joe: I did a search and turned up with mixed results, so I thought it would be a better idea to present a little information about my situation and ask for a comment regarding it.

            thewitt: Yes, I've been seeing a couple of bad reports similar to the one you mentioned. I heard something about them placing a cap on the site if you use more than a certain percentage of your transfer limit in a single day, resulting in sites being closed even when they still have 10GB left.

            Thanks for the help, and I'm going to keep my eyes open.

            EDIT ~ Also, since I have your attentions: What's about the average cost for a dedicated host?
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              They Suck!

              Short Story
              1. Paid for a year of hosting.
              2. Had them look at my site before I moved to their servers.
              3. 30 days=30 support tickets generated by me. My VB was killed about 5 times in that month. There was little to no explanation as to why.

              4. Moved my site after 30 days with them.
              5. Ther refunded 90% of my money, I had to fight for the other 10%

              6. Do not run your vb with them, they do not have their php or mysql configured for optimal VB use.
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                My experience with Liquidweb ... I signed up with an account for a normal webpage, and I have to say it really was cool there ... servers have been fast, nearly no down-time and the control panel rocked.

                But like most sites, the page I hosted there started to grow, I installed a forum, and one day, my page was down all of a sudden. After numerous support tickets being sent, it was finally back up 3 days afterwards ... but the following month was horrible - it was down every third day and I had many problems getting it up again ...

                Their servers are fine, but as soon as you put some more load on them, they'll put your page offline without giving a reason ... so better don't host your vB board with them.



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                  Yeah, thanks a ton for the input people! I did some looking around, and found out that they place a cap on your site if you use more than a certain percentage of your bandwith in one day, regardless of your total amount left. I wound up going with Tera-Byte, of which I've heard nothing but good things.


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