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    Hi Folks,

    I'm currently with Servage and I've had a discussion over at
    , Came to the conclusion that it's a Server problem and because Servage is Shared Hosting - It's overloaded and my response times are very slow..

    I'm looking for some advice on new


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    What are your forum stats? Like how many members,how many online at one time,any hacks,how many threads/posts.


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      If a shared host is not enough, you need a VPS / dedi which will cost you a lot of money. Better make sure that you really have a lot of traffic Post your traffic stats for a review.
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        VPS is a better option

        You can get a VPS for as little as $20/month and its a lot more stable than shared hosting because you control the server.


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          In saying that then, Shared Hosting must be good enough but Servage which I am using must not be..

          It's not a big forum, Threads: 5,000 Posts: 30,019 Members: 1,178
          - Online Activity is a problem I'm having, I imagine 5-10 being Online is a good spell, Even If i'm online myself the response from the server is still slow.

          What are good Shared Hosting compaines for VB forums?


          MY Post from discussion.
          My board is not big actively, If anything 5-10 users, I' get the problem a lot when I'm online myself. I've disabled the plug-ins and got some feedback and tested it myself, The browsing was a little faster but nothing brilliant > Due to less queries I imagine. My host Servage have confirmed that the routing is fine and no problems they are aware of.

          I've always said it's the database but I really need to find out this problem and sort it, I'm losing a lot of activity and when I already don't have much then it's a big concern.

          A little more in detail to understand, Whats happening for me is this:
          I click on my forum within my favourites, it then takes around 10+ seconds to find the site and load, if i surf the site straight away there is no problem and things load faster, but, if i hesitate on a page [make a post] for too long then it takes a long time for the page to load.

          Bookmarks link -OR- Post Submit > wait, wait some more, and a little more..> then bang - "a" page loads [blank or otherwise] > The URL of the location only ever comes up when the page is "found" [again blank or otherwise]. As I said some times when the response is very slow and the page doesn't even load a
          Error does Appear.

          The state of the database should not affect response times from the domain, if the database was the problem we would see the same problem replicated throughout the site but it's not always there.

          Here's what I think the delay seems to be coming from:
          browser > response.....long wait...... > content > browser
          instead of:
          browser > response > content ....[hypothetical wait if database is problem]....> browser.

          Database would probably Imply the page loads slowly, but it's the response which is slow, then page itself loads fairly quickly.

          I had a great example there but shame only me seen it, Stopwatch counted upto 52seconds as the page was 'Waiting on'... > I recieved a Blank Page > Went back to the section and my new topic was there!

          Replied to another thread using the Full Reply and no problem, 3.6 seconds.

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            I've looked at a few hosts so far...Any Advice and what do you recomend?

            MMHosting --

            Crissic --

            1and1 --

            BlueHost --

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              I think Hostgator will be more then good for you, as well as Bluehost
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                Id go with hostgator with the largest shared hosting plan which I use. Its about 15 dollars a month. I have anywhere from 10 online members with 100 guests throughout the day on at the same time. My board is also heavily moded and dont really have a problem. Forum is fast and always up.
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                  I contacted Servage about the Problem and all the support said was They have optimized the database... The issue is still there but not as bad as it was..

                  DO you have a link to your board, Greek?


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                    Whatever you do, don't go with an overselling host.

                    IE. an host that'll offer you extreme disk space and bandwith.


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                      Based on your stats, your site should be fine in a shared host without any problem and slowness.
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                        I think i'm gonna go with Baby Package, I feel it's enough or would it be better just to get Swamp?


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                          Originally posted by Gersfan View Post

                          I think i'm gonna go with Baby Package, I feel it's enough or would it be better just to get Swamp?
                          Baby should be enough for you
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                            I recommend , its a hosting company of india and have there servers in US. They provide cheap shared hosting. I am quite satisfied with them.


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                              Im on a site that has:
                              Threads: 108,968, Posts: 1,600,927, Members: 24,499

                              Can someone tell me if threads with more than 400 posts would slow up a server? Also would using a hosting company like godaddy (300tb of bandwidth and 150gb) of disk space be a good idea?


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