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  • Large forum.

    Got my vbulletin for the 1 year $85 lease yesterday. Now I'm about to purchase my domain and new hosting since godaddy wasn't recommended for large forums.

    I looked at some of these posts and did a search for my question to try to find a quicker answer but the closest thing I found was someone asking about different hosts for different sized forums.

    Different opinions please...

    (I'm spending a lot of money on this...thousands plus over a dozen methods of advertising and promotion, exposure...)


    - Forum with 5000+ members and 30 to 50 new members each day...maybe more

    - Around 250-500 members on at one time...maybe more.

    - Grows at an increasing rate...

    - Needs to be FAST. REALLY FAST. host for the above???

    Can I get at least 4 different opinions so I can compare them myself, go read some reviews, continue to read around on this site, and eventually get the best one so that I don't have to transfer anything or waste time with finding a new host after the site is already growing.

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    You will get plenty of recommendations and reviews over here. As far as your requirement is concerned Dedicated server will be the best solution for you as your forum has increasing no. of members each day.Hope you find the best
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      Originally posted by View Post
      You will get plenty of recommendations and reviews over here. As far as your requirement is concerned Dedicated server will be the best solution for you as your forum has increasing no. of members each day.Hope you find the best
      Thanks for the reply.

      I'm not going with a dedicated server though, I can save more money without it.

      I'm selling the forum around this time next year.

      No way I'll hit 300+GB a month with only 10,000+ members.


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        Ok I'll rephrase the question.

        Does anyone here know a reliable, fast, decent priced shared hosting provider that will be good for a forum with 5000+ members and around 250 to 350 people online average????

        Is there anyone here on shared hosting who has around the same stats? What do you use if so?

        I don't want to waste money on the wrong hosting provider and then get 1500 members and 150 online at a time, get suspended, and offered to be moved to a more expensive server.

        I need to get it right the first time.

        And vbulletin is waiting for me to input my URLs into the boxes so I can setup my forum.

        I don't know if I'll be able to change them later so I'm not going to enter a url from one of my other sites yet.

        This is urgent, if anyone can provide a couple of the best solutions for shared hosting for a forum of my size please reply so I can do further research and make my decision.


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          Honestly I do not think you are going to find any shared hosting for 250-300 members online at once. That is simply to busy for shared servers. Once you are over 50-100 it's time to consider semi-dedicated or dedicated.
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            Steve is right, you most likely won't find a Shared host that will be able to hold your forum (from the online users you've said) and not get suspended.
            You may want to try a VPS or Dedicated server.
            I suggest you take a look at VPSLink, I have absolutely no downtime problems and fast servers on VPSL.
            If you want to look at a dedicated server, try HostGator (not sure if they have the unmanaged $75 Dedi anymore).
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              Thanks for the advice and information.

              Looks like I'll have to start with a VPS.

              Anyone know this:

              (You can estimate)

              1) How many users can 256MB Ram handle at one time?

              2) How many users can 512MB Ram handle at one time?

              I'm thinking it would be best to be safe with 3 months of 256MB and then just automatically update and get it automatically transfered to be safe. If the results of 3 months aren't what is expected I'll be going with a different idea. If they are, I'll need to upgrade before those 3 months.

              Anyone able to estimate?


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                I will ask some users over at VPSLink, hold on.

                I suggest you go with a Xen VPS if you go with VPSLink.
                I run a Link-4 (512 RAM) and have 1024 MB SWAP on Xen, their OpenVZ platform does not provide SWAP.

                Edit: Just noticed...their forums are dead (except for the thirty guests and myself. )


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                  HOw big is your current database?

                  Looks to me you want fast cheap and reliable. The only problem is you can only pick two of those, and not 3...
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                    It looks like they recommend to start on a Link-4 to see if it will fit, if needed you may have to upgrade. I did not get a exact answer of how many users you can run of 512/256 MB RAM.

                    They also said if you don't know much about linux/UNIX that you'll want to go with a managed host, as VPSLink is unmanaged. Here's the two replies that were posted.

                    Hope this helps with your decision.


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                      I'm going with a managed VPS for many reasons.

                      Just bought the domain from godaddy, now I'm getting my VPS from steadfast. The "Gold Debian 4" for $69.99 a month. Good choice and price for a managed VPS? It was top rated on review sites for the most uptime, support, features, and price.

                      I'm thinking about the other sites I could put on it and had this question:

                      If I open a regular membership site with a login page and register page, then 2000 people join the site, and I have 150 people logged into the membership site at the same time, will it be the same and use up the same amount of system resources?

                      The members page is just a blog. You have to be logged in to read the blog if 150 people are reading the blog at the same time, and all of them logged in at the same time...will I still have to upgrade to a VPS?

                      Or does a forum naturally eat up a lot more resources/memory when multiple people are logged in at the same time?

                      I want to put both sites on the server.

                      I know I'll have to upgrade within 3-5 months anyway...


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                        How Bout Dreamhost?

                        It gives you 500GB of disk space when you sign up and that increases weekly by 2GB! It costs either 10.95/month for 1 year, and the rates are cheaper depending on how long you choose for hosting. for example Its only 5.95 a month for 10 years.

                        Or is that not shared hosting?


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