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    Well I think I have had it with my hosting company. My forum has been running super slow (obviously on a shared server with someone taxing the system) Plus my DB was shut down for 15 hours yesterday because I exceeded the max questions query of 50,000

    Anyone have a suggestion on a new company to go with? Not looking to spend a fortune for a dedicated server but considering a VPS but i have no experience with them.

    I currently run 5 web sites (3 of which are forums) one of them being a busy one where I am receiving a lot of complaints on it being slow.

    I currently use I Power Web and have for many years now but I have had it with them .

    I did contact a company today (west Host) that stated they do not place any limitations on databases and here are there VPS pricing below (any recommendations?)

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    You do need to ask how many connection and queries are allowed at once or you will get the same complaints.


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      VPS is no joke dude. you should know the mem they will give you and burstable up what MB for example... and cheap isn't always good.


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        Thanks for the input guys.....

        This week was the last straw - my original hosting company whut down my database again for too many queries (over 50,000) that happened on Saturday and I emailed tech support numerous times with no results. I called and was on hold for almost an hour and figures I was at work at the firehouse and I got a fire call and had to hang up so then I called back again and again ON HOLD AGAIN for almost an hour and then another fire call (just wasnt my day) - after everything was said and done, my forum was down for almost 15 hours and I cant tell you how many database error emails I had to delete from my inbox (had to be close to 800).

        They finally got it back up and then the same hting happened on Monday - down again.

        I ended up contacting hostican and went with a VPS - I actually have 5 personal web sites and only one is a very busy forum so they said a VPS could more than handle my needs and they transferred all files and databases over for me for no extra charge plus they place no limit on DB queries.

        My DNS has finally been finalized and I have already heard numerous compliments form forum members that the forum is running much much better.

        Now I just have to familiarize myself with this new VPS system and how everything works. and we are still trying to figure out why one of my databases (not a forum) will nto work properly after everything was mitigated over.

        Thanks again for honest input


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          I'd be interested to see how you get on with hostican. I moved over from Dreamhost because I wanted to move my forum out of shared environment to ease the load on my other sites. Hostican was great for first few weeks then I exceeded limits. They recommended I go to VPS, which I did, and every single day there has been horrible problems.

          I can honestly say, life was better under a $5 per month Dreamhost plan than the Hostican VPS.

          I'm looking around for a new host now. Vbulletin, about 200max users at any one time. Any suggestions?


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            Try a tier 1 host.

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              When considering a host send them a email with questions on their vps's like how many VPS's on one server and what vps software they are using. Might also give them a call.

              Real Web Host


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                Take a look at KnownHost

                I have been with them for a long time. Great VPS options as well.



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