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  • Is it worth it?

    With my current host ( I have the small package..

    400MB Space
    10GB Bandwidth
    $5 Per Month

    I only upload files I really need and have not hit the 400MB mark yet. I have also never had any problems with this host so far. I looked at a few other hosts such as and for $5.95 a month I could get a much larger amount of space.

    500GB Space
    5 TB Bandwidth
    $5.95 Per Month

    Is it worth switching to that? I would have so much more space which is awesome but I read that it is considered overselling and that is not such a good thing. Although many sites use
    DreamHost so I assume they are a good company. ASmallOrange has been great so far, but eventually I am going to need to upgrade my account and I can get more of everything at DreamHost for almost the same price as ASO.
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    They are oversellers, but you never get that kind of space. They advertise it, but they don't expect members to use all of it so they promote it. But, they are established which means they have the client base, and the know-it-all to make plans like that.

    I have heard mixed reviews about Dream Host.


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      I'd stay where you are personally.


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        ones that offer the overage stuff are only doing it cause they know for a fact that their client base doesnt use it all


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          Personally I suggest hostgator, 6 TB bandwidth, 600 gb space, $9.95 a month

          I'm on shared hosting and have this:
          General account information:
          Hosting package Baby Croc
          Disk Space Usage 427.06 Megabytes
          MySQL Disk Space 62.56 Megabytes
          Disk space available 613972.94 Megabytes
          Bandwidth (this month) 2365.66 Megabytes


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            Remember that Dreamhost both massively oversell and require you to make a 24-month prepayment to get the $5.95/mth rate
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              ASO is one the rare host that doesnt oversll. If you are happy with the space, you should not even think about shifting. But if you really need few GB of space, you may better look @ hostgator. they are one of the best, even though they too oversell a LOT.
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                I am great fan of hostgator, as I am going with them for all of my sites. They are good enough to host your site as per your requirements.


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                  6 TB bandwidth, 600 gb space

                  Anyone that sells something like that for 10.00 oversells big time.

                  Think about 600 gigs of space?

                  Same thing

                  500GB Space
                  5 TB Bandwidth
                  $5.95 Per Month

                  Get real!
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                    Payment plans for shared hosting on month to month would be a better option, as you do not want to be stuck paying out for multiple months if the services starts to degrade.


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