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  • Host for ultra-controversial political forum

    vB will probably work for forum software, as their license mentions no restrictions on legal content. There were doubts during the Hongfire brouhaha a few months ago, but their license was restored pretty quickly. What would be a good web host for the forum of a political movement with extremely controversial goals? Much of the uproar will be similar to Hongfire's late last year, but ongoing and of actually greater intensity. A host will be needed that 1: won't shrink from hosting even the most controversial content so long as it is legal under a remotely faithful interpretation of US laws (i.e., no content in actual violation of ยง 2252 or other sections of the USC, despite being extremely "hot potato" politically, including in sexual politics; 2: won't let barrage after barrage of angry emails persuade them to cancel service; 3: won't be dissuaded when it is pointed out that they host content that even many hosts of, say, swastika-laden Hitler-worship sites will not touch. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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    I dont think any host would have a problem with that as long as its with the United States Laws. You can try and ask a representative on their live chat.
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      Thanks! Hostgator will be checked out. You are mistaken, though, to think that no host will have a problem with content as long as it is legal. Loads of hosts will refuse to host content even half as controversial. I.e.: Many hosts refuse to provide service to various "hate sites" and porn sites even if they are 100% legal under US laws.
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        Who did you go with by the way? Im very curious.
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          try some russian company.
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            When in doubt, host offshore. Find a place that doesn't have to follow US law. But be careful because a lot of these hosts also have "warez" (illegal programs/movies) and might get taken down as a result.


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              Offshoring is the best option. I sencond the suggestion to go with a russian host.
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