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    I'm planning to start a new forum using vbulletin 3.6.x + MySQL.
    Someone recommended me Network Solutions as a hosting option (Pro Hosting package).
    I'm not sure since they offer 10 max user connections.
    I expect about a media of 30 users connected and a volume of 10K post monthly.
    Would be Net. Solutions a good option? Do you recommend another hosting?
    I look for a shared host.

    Any advice?
    Thank you!

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      If you feel you'll need more and are in doubt, then I would say look else where. 10 connections could be used quickly on a growing forum.

      Try to find someone who has been around for 3+ years and don't by shy to test their support options. With 30 users at one time, shared hosting is still possible for you. But should your forum get into the 150 + range, I'd start to think about a VPS. It all depends on the load.


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        As an ex customer of Netsol (on domain registration) I suggest you to avoid them, if their hosting support is bad as their domain customer service is it, you shouldn't even consider them for your hosting needs, their services is terrible.
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        LiteSpeed Support - Vbulletin Optimized servers