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Hosting for vBulletin forum (preferably shared with 600MB+ Mysql)

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  • Hosting for vBulletin forum (preferably shared with 600MB+ Mysql)

    Hi everybody,

    I've a inquiry concerning hosting my soon to be acquired vBulletin forum.
    Currently I have a hosting with Networksolutions with a Pro Hosting package, where I'm allowed 10 Mysql accounts and with 600 MB limit.
    Although this would suffice at the very startup of my forum, I would run out of space (and I like to have everything fixed at the beginning so I won't have to make large changes further on). Do you know of (or if there even exists) a hosting provider with a shared (not dedicated, since that would probably incur over $200/monthly) hosting account with over 600 MB Limit and ideal for hosting my vBulletin discussion forum?
    Or if there would exist a competetive priced dedicated hosting for about $600 per year?

    Thank you all for helping me,
    Kent Miller

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    I am currently hosting my forum at and they have been the best shared host I've ever used as of today. I've been using shared and VPS hosting services since 1998 and have used all of the supposed best.

    ASO is in my opinion one of the very best shared hosts that you will find. Support is top notched and can't be beat by most other hosts.


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      I am currently hosting my forum at and I don't have any problem with their hosting services so far. They also provided free web hosting, but I choose their paid web hosting plan.


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        Discussions and Jerry G, thanks your replies, I appreciate it.
        I've checked out and, they seem good and reliable, although I can't find how much Mysql disk space they offer.

        I just found that Godaddy offers dedicated hosting for $67.99 per month, with their Economy Plan. Which would give me 120 GB disk and 500 GB Bandwidth.

        Would this be a good host for a vBulletin forum, and I suppose with this disk space I wouldn't need to upgrade anywhere in the near future, to another host for my forum due to too many members and posts?

        Although, since I already have a hosting with Networksolutions with 600 mb Mysql, I'm thinking of starting with that and upon need, transferring to Godaddy. Is it troublesome moving a forum to another hosting?

        Once again, thanks for all your replies.
        Kent Miller


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          Hello Kent

          I would suggest to strongly research about Godaddy as a host, you'll read mostly angry and unsatisfied people with their service.

          Usually, the Mysql space is counted toward your total space unless the host specify different on their website.

          I don't from where Jerry got Cphost, however, it seems like an amateurish host (it does use an external counter to track their visits (by the way, they got only 31 visits in total)) the domain was registered 2 months ago, it doesn't give me too much reliability to me.

          No contact information at all on their website other than email, they seems to be reseller, on the same IP you can see more than 680 domains hosted using different nameservers
          Downtown Host LLC - Shared Web Hosting - Offering the best service since 2001.
          LiteSpeed Support - Vbulletin Optimized servers


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            I would recommend, I currently use there VPS solution which ranges from $20.00 to 75.00 a month. I am currently in the middle with $40.00 plan, and my forum runs great. My database is currently about 500mb, and I have normally about a couple hundred users hitting the forum at the same time. But these accounts will give you plenty of room to grow, and that is why I choose this plan. You also get like 500gb of bandwidht a month.


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              I host a fairly decent sized vB forum with RealWebHost... great customer service, good pricing. My forum is almost 10k members, with over 400k posts, and I have no uptime or speed problems at all.


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                i have an empty dedicated server. if the price is right i can hook you up with a place to stay.


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