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    Hello. I've gotten a good deal on some servers. But also theres always the option of buying your own server and having it in your house. No co-location. YOUR OWN SERVER THAT YOU CAN OWN FOREVER. Just like your computer, but its a server!

    Those servers on and stuff, are they the type of servers like that? I need to find acouple places where I can buy something for me, not dedicated or co-location.

    Also if possible, I need info on how to buy connections to my house and bandwidth stuff. Anyone good at this or have info? I can't seem to find anything!


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    you can do this but you are going to need atleast a T1/T3 - and some sort of redundancy.

    To be honest, its cheaper to buy the server and plonk in in your local datacenter - you still own the server and always will


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      Can you explain when you mean datacenter?

      This is what I'm hoping for.
      Get the servers on rack or someting in my basement (safe, cool,ect), and have a T1 or T3 connection (anyone have an idea for pricing!?!?).

      Thats the basic idea of what I'm doing.


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        Check with you rlocal ISPs as far as T1/3 prices. Pick up a computer mag at your local computer store. I am in San Diego, CA and our local computer rag always has companies promoting their lines.
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          I think I could get one with QWest. I live in Omaha Nebraska is anyone needs to know.
          Also another thing called Cox Cable but QWest is bigger, more reliable, and I have it for my phone, tv, and my internet connection.


          I went on to Verio, and from what I say I think one of their partnerd affiliate things are in Kansas City. And their offical one they have is in Denver Colorado! I live in Omaha Nebraska
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            A full T1 from Verio costs around $1000 a month, and I don't think that includes local loop. You could do around 150-200GB of transfer a month off that. I think there's around a $500 setup fee from Verio too.

            Also make sure to figure in costs for the router, switches, UPS backup, etc.


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              Jeez... I have talked to my staff and I think I know what we're going to do know. Thanks again Planet Z, you should get an e-mail soon


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                Ok, after the e-mail I forgot something >_<

                How much do you think I would need if I'm having my big site (remember, its major entertainment networks into one site), then about 6 servers for paid hosting. Any idea on bandwidth? Or does anyone work at a place and give me an idea.


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                  T1 or T3 connection (anyone have an idea for pricing!?!?).
                  Last time i looked at pricing (midwest USA), a T1 was between $1200-1900 per month. T3 was between $32,500 - $48,200 per month (including modest hardware and local loop charges).


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                    So, what would I all need in a datacenter at Denver Colorado? I'm not too fimiliar with all this stuff. Things that all I know is I need a Server and a Connection.
                    I'm about to look up that local loop stuff about now, but what do you think I'd have to pay with everything of everything that I need everything? Just so I can get an estimate.

                    Or do you mean that $1200 to $1900 a month is with everything? Also if anyone knows, do they cheak your servers and stuff at a Datacenter? I don't remember reading anything about that. Or is it that you "plop" it there, have all your stuff, and hope for the best? Sounds scary!


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                      The reason these datacenters exist is due to the fact that it is really not feasible for you to do on your own unless your want to spend a ton of money. Most companies host at these NOCs as it is the least expensive way to go.
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                        Hmmm... makes sence now, well, atleast alittle more

                        I'm thinking of 1 servers for my site, and to start off with 1 server for hosting? Yet what if it goes fast (which is always seem like my stuff does) I might need 2, then drive ALL the way over to Denver again! Maybe 2 would be the best buy, even if I'd have to wait a year to get poeple on it, it'd still be good.


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                          Ok, after more of my research on having the best server possible for me (mwhaha) I think has one of the best deals I've found for co-location, also on what I've heard. 100 gigabytes of bandwidth for $250 is pretty good. I'm guessing atleast $1000 for me. Yet maybe in the long run I should just have a dedicated server? Hmm...

                          Anyone know anymore plus's to having your own server? Or maybe I shouldn't have as much bandwidth problems? The layout is very.. simple. Only our logo and an ad are on it. But I'm afraid of the high qaulity movies and images. Maybe I should jsut cut most the movies unless its VERY importent, then on the high qaulity images I could make it small and try to knock it down acouple sizes...

                          Maybe I should stick with $500 monthly then? Just like 200 gigs or so... but who knows! This is confusing!

                          About that Verio thing, I don't get what you mean when I can buy a T1 and have about 150 to 200 gigs bandwidth for $1000 monthly. Wouldn't I just get a connection with the rest of the place already?


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