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  • Brendaleann
    I can't give enough praises for URLJet! I originally hosted my forum via a very popular hosting company and I had so many issues, (forum down numerous times, bad customer service, etc). I found URLJet and have never looked back. I have not had one issue with my forum being down. And their customer service is top-notch! When I email them with a question, I get a response within 5 minutes (even late at night and on the weekends). They recently moved my forum from vb4 to vb5 which was super seamless. But when I found out vb5 dropped the password protect forums (which I need when user group permissions wouldn't work for my unique circumstance), I emailed URLjet at 3 am in the morning hoping they might have saved all my vb4 info and low and behold they did and were able to move me back to vb4. Had they not done that, it would have been a nightmare logistically for me to function on vb5. Joe, Gregg and the team are the best and I highly recommend them for all your hosting services.

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  • Brad Padgett
    I highly recommend NuWebHosting now that I have switched providers.

    United States based and cheap as they come. I got a 12 GB RAM VPS for $238/year fully DDoS protected at 160 GPS.

    Professional ticket support. No more foreign providers. This one is legit.

    You can get a 2 GB RAM plan for $96/year. The first month costs only $1. All VPS plans are DDoS protected.

    There is also a 30% discount off all products going on now. Check them out.

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  • Mary303
    Posted quite a long time ago in this thread ... I will give another boost to Nimbus, based both on server performance and on their amazing customer service and support. Switched to to them in 2012, and it's been the best thing I've ever done for my forum.

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  • Boulard83
    Hi !

    I recently buyed a full VB suite + a VPS host at and they are really nice !
    ** i was with hostpapa before ... so it's day and night **

    The host is quick ( connection and staff response )
    The support is awesome ( even more since i'm new to VB admin but not to overall hosting and admin )
    The price is OK. Not awesome since you can find much cheaper host but you get a great professionnal host.
    They even support you into vBulletin installation or some other install task.

    As for now, i'm more than pleased with my new host. Big +1 to !

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  • GamBun
    JustHost is excellent! I recommend their "Premium Plan" AKA "JustPak" (cheap: $8.95 per month)
    Here's what you get:
    One Free domain name registration for life
    Email Accounts = infinite
    Subdomains = infinite
    Parked Domains = infinite
    Addon Domains = infinite
    FTP Accounts = infinite
    Mailing Lists = infinite
    SQL Databases = infinite
    PostgreSQL Databases = infinite
    Mailing List Disk Space = infinite
    cPanel Version = 11.32.7 (build 3) of cPanel Pro 1.0 (RC1)
    Apache version = 2.2.25
    PHP version = 5.2.17 - they keep this up to date based on safe release!
    MySQL version = 5.5.34-log
    Operating system = linux

    Database Tools:
    MySQL® Databases
    MySQL® DB Wizard
    Remote MySQL
    MySQL Usage
    Reset MySQL Pswrd
    PostgreSQL Databases
    PostgreSQL DB Wizard
    Remote PostgreSQL

    File Management:
    Site Backup Pro
    File Manager
    Legacy File Manager
    File Count
    Disk Space Usage
    Web Disk
    FTP Accounts
    Unlimited FTP

    Software Services:
    CGI Center
    Perl Modules
    PHP PEAR Packages
    PHP Config
    Ruby on Rails

    Web Builders: WordPress
    Simple Scripts
    goMobi Mobile

    Excellent Up Time! I have a company that monitors this for me and all has remained at least at 99.5 up time worst case, but the daily usually is 100%, and page loads stay worst case 11-16 seconds.
    I have two big sites and 4 small and still all runs well!

    They have a lot of addon buy-in stuff as well such as:
    Domain Privacy
    Search engine services/submission
    $100 AdWords
    Twitter $50 Ad Credit
    Facebook $50 Credit
    Free Yellowpages USA $25 Offer
    Site Builders
    Shopping Cart Services/ E-commerce
    Mojo Marketplace
    Just to name a few...

    The reason I went with them is the up time.
    Just a warning about Startlogic it crashes large sites due to shared server traffic. They pushed me to get a dedicated server once I was only reaching a daily average of a 1000 visitors (quite small). I have never had a problem with JustHost on their shared servers.
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  • Zadar
    Downtime can be very annoying for average website, for forums it is simply a disaster.
    Does anyone have any experience of running small to medium size forum on shared hosting account?

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  • fholbert
    Originally posted by trulylowcarb View Post

    So many negative posts here about Hostgator - surprise!! this one is a thumbs-up.
    I too have used Hostgator, their shared server $3.96 a month plan ( 3 year ), and have no issues. I had 2 websites and 1 vBulletin Forum with them for the last 4 years. My forum isn't real big supporting about 900 people.

    Con: They only backup once a week. Then again I've never needed a restore.

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  • zimworker
    Hello people,

    I'm a newbie here. I found someone to help with a forum i intend to build. He's charging $100 for the script (no idea what that is), and $50 for installation and theme customization. I already have the theme, and I'm supposed to handle the hosting part of the deal. I was going to go with godaddy because they looked more professional, and have a good support system. However on coming here, I have read 'not-too-good' reviews on godaddy. It's a small forum really, and I'm definitely going with a shared plan as I'm on a tight budget.

    I would appreciate your thoughts on
    1) The hosting plan, provider...and how best to maximize my use
    2) The price of the script, or licence...if it's a fair price. Dont want to spend a 100 bucks and not know what for...

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  • David Mckinley
    Originally posted by Crazy8sNYK View Post
    I have recently signed up with bluehost and started a phpBB forum. I really don't like the layout and have now decided to bite the bullet and run with vBulletin.

    A simple but very nooby question, can I use bluehost as my host for a vBulletin 5 beta forum? vBulletin is by far the best looking and I'm still able to delete my bluehost account within 30 days.

    Thanks in advance for any advice/help.
    Check reviews on BlueHost, they're excellent in all shapes and forms, and yes it's possible to host your vB5 on it.

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  • iraqiboy90
    Leaseweb | | (sharedHosting)

    Have website for 7-8 months now.

    1. Cheap
    2. Lot of bandwidth for a cheap package. Only using 4-5gb/month

    1. Very slow support. Usually isnt helpfull.
    2. Extremely few control options at panel (Parallel Plesk 9). None of the important, like nameserver and advanced DB options.
    3. Performance issues
    4. Slow website loading
    5. Alot of downtimes.
    6. DDoS attacks: Not rare.
    7. SSL option was available, but then disabled after website moved to another machine
    8. No cache option. They dont want to install one either. None in the near future.
    9. MySQL was under attacks several times. Lots of downtimes before.
    10. phpmyadmin is old version:
    11. Not up to date Mysql and php version.

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  • lashamaro

    Currently on a shared cPanel account.

    URL: [URL=""][/URL=""]

    Shared hosting in the UK, reseller hosting plans and VPS in the US and UK datacenters. Most reliable company from my experience

    • Great tech support - with high grade of knowledge, fast responses and friendly attitude
    • Highest server uptime - Haven't experienced any unscheduled downtime yet
    • Latest software and hardware - PHP 5.3 , MySQL 5.5 , etc.
    • Preinstalled scripts and features in the cPanel
    • Raid-10 drives with daily, weekly and monthly backups
    • Free assistance with moving of the site
    • Cheap prices on the hosting accounts
    • Money back guarantee (though never used)

    • Account was setup in 2 hours after payment was made

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    I am Using IntoVPS from 6 Months, with 99.93% Uptime, and super fast speed VPS servers, they are giving very quality VPS with dedicated features in very low price, i m raelly enjoying their service, 2 minute ticket reply awesome support.
    My Forum is vb 4.1.X and 200 to 400 users online. and amusing there 2nd vps plan with 1 GB dedicated and 2 GB Burstable RAM.

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  • Crazy8sNYK
    I have recently signed up with bluehost and started a phpBB forum. I really don't like the layout and have now decided to bite the bullet and run with vBulletin.

    A simple but very nooby question, can I use bluehost as my host for a vBulletin 5 beta forum? vBulletin is by far the best looking and I'm still able to delete my bluehost account within 30 days.

    Thanks in advance for any advice/help.

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  • Inspector G
    Wow I read this and called Hostrocket as suggested above, I have to say from the sounds off the sales rep very knowledgeable,
    I only waited 3.5 minutes on hold. and all my requirements have been met. awesome support do far...

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  • Dozman
    I am currently looking for a new Web Host

    I am with 1&1 that e-mailed me that in April 2013 will be forcing me to upgrade PHP5.2 to PHP5.4
    My VB 3.81 site is locked and any version of VB 3.8 will not work with PHP5.4

    My 1&1 site plan is 4.99 a month and I have been with 1&1 since 2008.
    I do not have a lot of traffic, so I do not need a big plan.

    Thank you for this post and I will go through it to find a new host.

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