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  • A good host is hard to find...
    John Bilicki III
    Webmaster of JAB Creations


    • I've been with servermatrix for about 10 months. I think there was one 4 hour switch failure last winter or spring but no other complaints at all. I have called the datacenter several times with questions and even at 3 am the phone was answered within a minute or two by a real, live person. One night at about 1 am I changed my httpd.conf file and screwed up so apache wouldn't load. Took them 20 minutes to figure it out (I had uploaded the file in Mac 'format' rather than unix and so apache freaked out trying to read it). I FTPed the file in unix 'format', telnetted in and restarted apache, and was online again.

      Before that I tried server beach - left them in 6 weeks. Nightmare. Big Kahuna and all that.

      Before that was on a verio virtual server for about 5 years. I left because I needed a dedicated and a dedicated on verio was outragous $ wise.

      Yeah - There are a lot of companies wanting to sell server space. The failure mode is almost always service issues. One of my main requirements is 24/7/365 live tech support. If I can't get them on the phone in under 5 minutes I'm not interested. They won't be there if I have a real problem.


      • These forums have moved filbert1.

        What are the correct links?


        • I'm with now, it's the 2nd month, they're great, server are hosted on, I pay 32$/m for 2.5 GB webspace, 120 GB/m traffic, dedicated ip address, unlimited mail, db, alias, subdomain etc. They give me cpanel 9. They are very fast in tricks answers and it's possible to create custom plan.
          IMHO they are great.


          • I am hosting with eleven2 right now, rocks, packages rock, price is perfect...

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            • How about ????Has anyone had idea about this hosting company ? Please let me know thanks


              • Only 1 MySQL database...

                Well although their bandwidth and storage are up to par for myself... only 1 mysql DB?

                Junk! You can do MUCH better then 1&1 in my opinion! Unless you're absolutely bent on the idea of their hosting and that you WONT need to install any other Database driven software EVER...

                I'd suggest looking for something with Cpanel 9.
                John Bilicki III
                Webmaster of JAB Creations


                • Powerfull Clustered Servers

                  An amazing offer I have been with them for more than 6 months

                  no problem

                  Pls. read their Acceptable Use Policy | Terms of Service | Domain Dispute Policy carfully

                  my site on their servers

                  Threads: 14,184, Posts: 102,394, Members: 3,383
                  amazing stoage space 2300 mega
                  bandwith 82 giga
                  24/7 Expert Helpdesk
                  Secure Server (SSL) Included
                  Unlimited MySQL Databases
                  and much more

                  price only 7.5 US dollars paid every three month

                  for more detials press here
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                  • Your site looks nice.

                    Although I can't read it The colors and design look great.


                    • I just switched to A Small Orange. My site runs lightning fast now. I am 100% happy.
                      Saving America, One Ideologue at a Time


                      • Anyone who claims to give unlimited bandwidth is flat out lying, and I wouldn't even consider using anyone who would make such an ignorant statement.

                        That's deceptive advertising.

                        wups. he deleted his post.


                        • I would never consider such a company either. I have found that the ones that offer tons of bandwidth for little money tend to oversell their servers, and the site runs slow. Wonder why he deleted the post.
                          Saving America, One Ideologue at a Time


                          • You're right on that too.

                            I own a couple of hosting companies. I can't say the name or URL due to the forum rules on advertising, but I can safely tell you that no reputable company will ever offer unlimited bandwidth.

                            They do that banking on the fact that they'll still carry a maintainable level of bandwidth. Anyone taking advantage of the offer that starts using a LOT of bandwidth, they'll simple discountinue the account. In fact, most times if you read through the ToS it will be posted that they reserve the right to terminate you for any reason whatsoever.

                            Bandwidth is like a commodity. nobody gets it free. depending on the package ordered things should fall in line with a reasonable number.



                              -It is free
                              -It can upload files
                              -It saves your money(if you did not sign up for premium member)
                              -There is a flash animated tutorial

                              -The before your website is annoying
                              -It cannot upload files more than 700kb(unless you are a premium member)

                              It is good to save money!!!!!!!!!!!!! So use it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                              • Originally posted by erikajune

                                I absolutely love them! I have their Professional package

                                • I've never had a problem with them. Reasonable support response time. And no, I don't work for them. I just really love them.

                                Anyone else have any experience with this host?


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