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    I appreciate your response. I finally got a 'pro' to evaluate my situation /needs and just got a dedicated Linux server from Serverbeach at the fellow's suggestion. So far so good and it's US$120 a month cheaper than I currently pay. I won't know for sure how vB runs on it until I do the actual transfer late next week. Right now the fellow is 'setting up' the server for me. Luckily he is a member of my forums and we arranged a barter deal so his services are not costing me anything per se.

    My server stats say I see about 2 gigs of transfers daily - not a whole lot. My 'busy' times only see from 20 to 80 people on line concurrently but I have seen peaks with as many as 170 according to the stats.

    I was just trying to get a 'baseline', if you will, as to how much 'server' I really need and it appears I need a lot less than I currently have.

    The 'new' server is:
    Hard Drive Space - 60 GB
    IP Space - 1 IP Address
    Memory - 512 MB
    Monthly Transfer-450 GB
    Operating System-RedHat 9.0
    Processor -1 GHz AMD
    cPanel 6.0 - Unlimited Domain License
    OS - RedHat Linux.

    Again, thanks for your reply!
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      Originally posted by Pyromaniac
      I used and from day one they were slow, unresponsive to email and never notified me when doing major maintenance.

      Today my sites were deleted without warning and I was denied the opportunity to get the latest copies of my MySQL databases even though they have them and they belong to me. The sites are paid for through the end of the month, I should have my MySQL databases.

      They removed me from their forums and deleted "some" of my messages that criticized thier service. They still have denied me my property (my databases) and this will require legal action on my part.

      I would not recommend them to anyone.
      I hope everyone has learned their lesson. The warning was here, I hope you heeded it. is now known as You can switch your name, but you can not switch who you are OR your reputation.


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        I purchased IPB and their hosting in July 2003. The support was excelent (I paid for that) My forum grown, even remain within the bandwidth I purchased they asked to change my hosting plan from advance hosting plan to business. I did. But they didn't stopped there. When my forum grown a bit further (remember I always remain within constraints of bandwidth/disk usage etc.,) They asked me to buy a Dedicated SERVER from them which is higher than the market price by double. I refused and went for another Ev1. And they messed up everything. I even paid them for my forum transfer from IPS to EV1, but what they did is they simply run two commands and copied my forum at new place which never RAN since December 26th (I got main table ibf_posts crashed with transffered by IPS and its crashed since than). I asked if they cant give me support and advise me how can I do it repaired, and they told me that I have mis-configured mysql 3.23.56 and table can't be repaired (strange ? isn't ?). I asked what are the reccomended configuration they never bothered to reply instead they closed that support ticket of mine without answering. I ask the same question on their support forum never got a reply. (Note: I took my.cnf reccomended configuration from vBulletin as I thought IPB and vBulletin both run on MySQL and PHP so it should work fine with IPB, but IPB thought the configuration I got from vBulletin is basically mis-configured my.cnf on my server).

        My experience is in 5 months with IPS: I was asked to change my hosting plan with them twice or ..... (hope everyone understand what does that .......... means to a customer from a hosting company) I was asked to pay for every little tiny thing, I paid for site transfer, it was never done properly, I asked a redo they asked for more money, I sometimes wonder if someday start their customer to pay for breathing. I asked for reccomended server configuration to run IPB at optimal speed they closed my support ticket without bothering replying. I had enough of IPS, and nowI am happy, by having a server with EV1 1/3 of the price IPS offered for same, much faster, reliable, support is supperb, and now I am installing a better product from vBulliten. Hope my datatransfer goes fine over this weekend.

        In short if you have loads of money and wants to give away when ever IPShosting ask and for what ever they ask, they will keep your forum and site online, and if you don't than be ready for a nightmare.. like i been due to them during last 3 weeks. HIGHLY NOT RECCOMENDED.

        I don't claim that IPB board is bad its wonderful, and outlook is beautiful, Sure if they are not to the level of vBulletin but they sure come after vBulliten specilly their comming version of 2.0, but their hosting and support linked with hosting is really worst I ever come across during my last two years as webmaster.


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          I absolutely love them! I have their Professional package which includes:

          • 2,000 mb storage

            60,000 mb transfer

            Unlimited Hits

            Unlimited Emails

            Unlimited aliases

            auto responders

            web-based email

            Catch all email

            mailing list

            Anti-spam feature

            Shopping Cart

            Search Engine Submission

            Message Board

            10 Databases

            Unlimited Subdomains

            Urchin Traffic Stats

            Real Audio/Video

            Supports all major web development software including FrontPage, Dreamweaver, Flash, Go Live
          • No Ads or Banners

            SSL 128-Bit Encryption

            SSH Access

            Password Protected Directories

            Custom Error pages



            Your own control panel with over 100 features

            support for perl, php, mySQL, python, C++

            24x7 Tech Support

            99.9% Uptime

            OC-192 Fiber Connectivity

            Regular Backups

            Firewall Protection

            Virus Protection

          Datacenter & Servers
          • Fully Redundant Backbone Carriers

            Diesel Backup Generator

            24x7 Network Monitoring
            Cisco Routers

            Dual Xeon Processors

            SCSI Hard drive system

            1000MB Ram

            All this for $7.95/month (with a one year sign up), even less for a two year sign up.

            I've never had a problem with them. Reasonable support response time. And no, I don't work for them. I just really love them.
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            We've just moved our community to Lunarpages and I've been impressed with them so far. We've been up for a few days now and I've not received one database error report in my email yet. The staff was very helpful in transferring our database and overall their support forums are very good with quick replies. Plus I've never seen a report of an outage or complaints from customers on their forums. Our site is running very well and it's been a good change.


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              Originally posted by erikajune

              I absolutely love them! I have their Professional package which includes:


              2,000 mb storage

              60,000 mb transfer

              Unlimited Hits....
              I am surprised this was not deleted since it is an obvious spam.


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                Originally posted by feldon23
                I am surprised this was not deleted since it is an obvious spam.
                It's a tough call. How can you or anyone else know this isn't just a happy customer? If there was an obvious connection between the poster and the host, or if this was only the first or second post then this would be enough to classify as spam.
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                  Superuser Networks, aka What can I say. Such saints they are. I finally got my first client. As the new guy on the block, I searched high and low for a webhost in my clients price range. Cheap. So I found Superuser Networks. 500mb, php, mysql, 15gig/mo. They pay for your domain name. Tons of extras for one low price.

                  There's just one catch. Actually, two. Number one. There is no support. None. Zip. Nadda. Oh, they advertise 24/7 support. But, the phone is some type of perpetual answering machine. And, over the past three months, I have yet to have an email answered. I counted them. Fourteen emails to support. Kind of misleading since most of those were repeats begging for attention on the same matter. I've really only had about three problems. That is, up until yesterday.

                  And, the second catch. Remember I mentioned they pay for your domain name? Well, when they register your domain, they list themselves as registrant, admin, and tech contacts. According to their website (buried on some back page in fine print), they do this because they register so many domain names. You're supposed to email them requesting they change the domain info. Yea, right.

                  I've been trying to get them to change the domain info for days. I think the first time I asked was over a month ago. And, like everything else, I never receive a response. Yesterday, I wrote DotRegister, their registrar, telling them what my problem was and asking them to help. Their response was, "We're sorry, but if you are not listed as either the registrant or administrator then you will have to contact your domain agent. Please contact Cyberamericana, your domain agent, and ask them to make you administrator."

                  First of all, what the @&$# is a domain agent? Second of all, I did a whois on Cyberamericana. Guess what. Yep. Superuser Networks. So I write DotRegister back and tell them what I found out. They write Cyberamericana asking them to change my info as requested. That's when the proverbial cow dung hit the fan.

                  After a number of refusals by Superuser Networks, I advised them that I would be preparing documents for submission with the National Arbitration Forum. Like I told them, my client has every right to be fairly represented as the owner of the domain name. Superuser Networks really blows a cork on that one. Their response to DotRegister? "We have contacted our attorneys and it looks like we will soon be in litigation with Mr. Smith. Do not change anything in the domain information and especially do not change anything in the domain record." Oh, and did I tell you they claimed they called the police too? Yea, right.

                  And the the coup de gras. The site is now down. And the domain name has been removed from Superuser Networks' name servers. So client is stuck without a domain name or a website. Fortunately, I found someone who would temporarily host while we work things out with the domain name issue. As soon as we wrestle control back, we plan to move the domain name to Godaddy or someone else.

                  Oh well. We live and learn.


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                    Wonderful service from - today i's their first downtime in the last 6 month - it will be fixed today or tomorrow - I'll be very pleased with their service - recommened to anyone - let's see what happens with this downtime though - so far I couldnt reach them.. its the weekend though..

                    hmm... anyways I'll keep you updated.
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                      My site is and the forum is at

                      My forums load up pretty fast now. Check out that speed!


                      • The best host I have found

                        I tried several hosts for my message board

                        I would highly recommend


                        • has hosted my site for over a year, has been great with all forums i have tried. awesome tech support via help ticket or aim/yahooim, uptime seems to be 100%. I like how they bill as well. all trafficcounts towards your monthly bandwidth, so they give you unlimited features and just charge for bandwidth. all accounts offer the same features, its bandwidth and storage that differs int ehir plans, outside of their resellers.

                          I think their most expensive plan is 2GB storage/35GB xfer per month for $27 or something. unlimited ftp accounts, unlimited emails, email forwarding, subdomains, unlimited mysql databases, smtp, sendmail, webmail, pop3, cgi bin, perl, php, mysql, ssi, ssl, shopping carts, everything.

                          they also have dedicated hosting options that are more expensive. overall, i have been extremely satisfied with all aspects of their service.


                          • Real Web host is where i am hosted.....

                            Awsome features...
                            Let the flames begin.


                            • A vote against

                              Since I came here to this thread a few years back when I selected my original host - I feel obligated to post my experience.. FWIW.

                              I selected (VO) after reading quite a few good reviews. They were ok for the past year, although they did have quite a few sql outages and were constantly restarting servers. I was on a shared server and would often take a hit by a runaway process on another system. Speed was average, sometimes poor. All the same it did what I needed.

                              Last week I got a call that our web site was "suspended" - sure enough I went to our site and got a screen telling me we were offline. (made it sound like we weren't paying our bills...) no calls, no emails, no warning.... and worse yet, no explanation! Even after opening a helpdesk case they simply told me to keep my forums shut off and to move. They would not tell me what they were seeing as a problem, would not help me look through logs, would not even accept the possibility that it might not be my very small site that was causing their issues. It took them a long time to get me back online. They wouldn't even suggest a host on their own system as an alternative.

                              So, I came back here and found an alternative. I'm now with and have had great customer serive so far. Speed has been the big improvement - all my members state how much faster things are running now. I hope it stays that way.

                              I hear and read from others that VO has had some issues with people moving to vb3 - even told people to move back to vb2. (do a search here and you'll find discussions on that topic) Based on my personal experience I would not recomment I guess I'd have to ask someone why they would want to host there when the price is high and there have been so many reports of issues.

                              Now that I've posted I can put this experience behind me and enjoy my new server on


                              • I got a quote from VO and it was outrageous.

                                When I left Verio after about 5 or 6 years (I left only because of cost - service was the best I ever had) I went with ServerBeach but left SB within 6 weeks. The 'Big Kahuna' completely 'turned me off'.

                                I went with Servermatrix (The Planet) and have been an extremely happy camper. Best move I made since I put my first site online back in 1996. This is (other than my 'experiment' with ServerBeach) my first dedicated server and it has proved to be everything I wanted and more.



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