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  • Let me start by saying that before this, I didn’t have any experience building a website for use and hosting one online. I’m a computer nerd, but my specialty is hardware, not software. I have now had a website hosted through this company for 4 months.

    I found out about this company (MonteCarloHosting) through the SMF website. I sent multiple e-mails and messages back and forth with Christian (owner) asking him newbie questions and his response time was incredible! After decided to go with his company and screwing up some files while experimenting, I even asked to have my account reformatted to the way it was on day one, and it was done before I could even blink! It seemed like he was almost sitting at his computer waiting for e-mails. Now, I’m a businessman at heart and with most things in life I demand great service and quick response times. I am extremely picky in this regard. I was thoroughly impressed with his service and it continues through today. He took the time to answer questions about things unrelated to the hosting itself and helped with questions related to my forum, etc.

    Just last week, I switched from SMF to vBulletin. I sent him an email asking if he had any experience with the impex importing and asked if they provided a service to do it for their clients (honestly expecting a definite "No" as far as the service is concerned). He responded very quickly (as usual) saying that he would gladly do the import FOR me, at no cost to me. We set a date/time for it to be done and sure enough, he did it for me and let me know when he was done and I could take over with customizing the forum. Even after the import, I had many questions about the file setup with the import and he was once again extremely fast with his responses. I pulled up the support ticket after all of this was said and done and we sent in excess of 30 messages to each other within a matter of 2 days (mostly 1).

    I’m a member of many forums, and at times they can be extremely slow and it’s beyond annoying to me. The speed of the hosting has been absolutely incredible. There has not been a single time that my site has been down either, and there’s someone on the site 24/7.

    Beyond this, they have a deal where they will include the cost of your domain for the first year with your hosting package. It was a nice bonus (you can get the discount code off of their website in the “Weekly Deals” section)! I saw many other hosting companies out there that were less expensive for more space/bandwith, but that’s not everything. Without the service and the speed, hosting is absolutely worthless and bad hosting can kill a site (seen it happen).

    If you’re looking for paid hosting services, I would VERY HIGHLY recommend them. I have recommended them to many people already and I will continue to do so. Christian is a stand-up guy, an excellent business man, and these are things that I appreciate very much. I could not be any happier with their services.

    I hope this helps some of you out with your decision. I highly doubt you would be disappointed with this company.

    A link to my website is in my signature if you would like to test for speed or anything. The threads in the “Favorite Road Discussions” section are very picture heavy.

    If you have any questions for me about my experiences with this host, please feel free to ask!


    (P.S. - This is not my company and I am not affiliated with them in any way. I am just a very happy customer and too often the "Good" reviews are not shared.)


    • Host experiences and testimonials thread

      how can i made stick word bold in stick threads prefix?


      • Ive just moved to a ServInt VPS from a shared server.

        Now in all the time I have run a site, I have never had an offer of a phone call to me from support. The guy called and was on phone to me fo rover an hour, helping me get the site migrated, and to explain some of the features of the new server. Top Class.

        All issues i was experiancing before from database timeouts have gone, and so far, im loving it.

        Support tickets have been handling promptly and courteously

        Heres an outline of the package Im on

        50 GB Storage UPGRADED
        30 GB Storage
        1 TB Monthly Transfer
        768 MB Guaranteed (1.5 GB Burst RAM)
        Hardware RAID 10
        CentOS 5 Operating System
        4 IP Addresses
        Fastest drives in the industry
        Unlimited Domains and User Accounts
        FREE cPanel, Plesk, or Parallels SBP
        FREE Virtuozzo Power Panel
        FREE Daily Off-Server Backups
        No Setup Fee
        $49 Monthly

        ( Just Like to thank anthonyparsons for recommending them )
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        • Originally posted by Jo-Ann View Post
          I stumbled across this thread while doing a search for something else.

          I'm sure that with 30+ pages in this thread, HostGator has already been written up. Since I don't feel like going through all 30 pages right now, I'll just say that I've used HostGator for quite a few years and am extremely happy with them. For me it's all about customer service. There's nothing worse than being in a panic and waiting days for a response from customer service of any organization. HostGator gets back to me almost immediately. Our board is small so I can't really judge connection speed et al, but we've never had any problems. We are very, very pleased with HostGator.
          1+ i been with them about 7 months still no issue.


          • does not allow uploads from vbulletin users. It just took me seven months to figure that out.


            • Yeah heard of this host their good but mine is BETTER


              • GoDaddy

                Great Company never had a problem with there hosting or domain.

                Host Gator been with them about 9 months with baby plan and everything has been great.


                • I use VPS at
                  Their network very good.
                  Optimize your website
                  Cool Wallpaper
                  All Android Rom


                  • Originally posted by ★Jigsaw View Post
                    Yeah heard of this host their good but mine is BETTER
                    which one is your ?


                    • Originally posted by 0 Seo 0 View Post
                      which one is your ?
                      I Personal Messaged you the link, because if i was to post it here it would be spam advertisement obviously, so i want to avoid that.


                      • Originally posted by ★Jigsaw View Post
                        I Personal Messaged you the link, because if i was to post it here it would be spam advertisement obviously, so i want to avoid that.
                        thanks for the pm.


                        • Siteground

                          I've been using them for close to a year. I've been very satisified with them.

                          -Very fast support ticket response time
                          -Affordable and usually have good deals
                          -unlimited mysql databases
                          -unlimited email accounts
                          -unlimited ftp accounts
                          -unlimited subdomains
                          -free script installation of many scripts including vbulletin


                          • hostgator is offering "unlimited"... does that mean you i should stay away from them as some users are saying?


                            • We've been using Made2own for a few years now, and they USED to be such a great host.
                              But over the last few years, it's been getting worse and worse.

                              Our site went down Friday afternoon, and it's now Saturday even and it's still down. Several support tickets sent, and not one reply back.
                              This has happened several times and usually on a Friday. I think they all go home Friday, and whatever happens on the weekend happens. They'll fix it on Monday.

                              I can no longer recommend them for hosting, which is really too bad. I really use to say good things about them.


                              • Just a followup to my last post, our site is STILL down!
                                Cannot make any contact with made2own, they are ignoring support tickets now.


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