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  • Originally posted by TheKdd View Post
    I am with inmotion, have been for about a month now with their business class shared. I am brand new to hosting a forum, have not advertised yet (not quite ready) but have about 40 members or so, and am already having problems.

    I get many DB errors every couple of days, talking about mysql and line 311. After doing some research on it, finding out it is a server issue, I looked and saw mysql has a wait timeout of 30, and according to many others, this is a problem. I asked inmotion to up this, and they said they could not, that's the most you get on a shared server, and apologized for the inconvenience. I e-mailed them back after that, and it has now been sent to "tier II" saying this may be a coding issue... we will see how this goes.

    I can't imagine that if I am having this problem now, how it will be when I do advertise and get more members. So as of now, I am looking for a new host.... unless of course they can solve this quickly.

    I will say that on the Pro side, they have answered me quite quickly. Con, I have had to send many e-mails to get it to this point.
    I don't think it's a coding issue and well they can decide the limits for their shared server. I am with Hostgator and have not run into such problems. IMO if they cannot sort the problem out by upping the limit then they aren't worth it. Seems to me they don't know much about vB etc.
    Jeez... I can't believe my post count mostly consists of questions! :eek:




      Run by a Dr. Darrell Ridley out of Australia claims he offers un-metered space and un-metered traffic all for the silly price of US$9.95 per month.


      Un-metered Space!
      Un-metered Traffic!
      Unlimited sub-domains
      Unlimited MySQL databases
      Custom Error pages
      Affiliate programs
      No Start-up Fees!
      99.9% Server Up time
      PHP, Perl and all other scripts, as necessary
      C-Panel Powered
      1 day Activation


      Of course, I was skeptical regarding the un-metered claims so I wrote the owner a letter stating exactly what I needed in relation to space and traffic I expected to have after the site was fully operational. I told him I needed to operate two sites. The first was for messages using approximately 5 gigs space and 20 gigs of traffic monthly. The second site was being used as a private ftp storage space for member files and that required approximately 50 -100 gigs of space with 70-80 gigs traffic. I went as far as telling the owner I was willing to pay extra for the storage of the files. He declined claiming the site offer un-metered traffic and space….RIGHT!

      Yea, I knew it was likely too good to be true and it turns out to be true but even worse as this guy is a con and fake! Ridley terminated the site without warning claiming I was slowing down their computers due to the amount of space I was using. Ridley refuses to refund the advance payments made...Dummy me!


      • Originally posted by lefthome View Post
        Yea, I knew it was likely too good to be true and it turns out to be true but even worse as this guy is a con and fake! Ridley terminated the site without warning claiming I was slowing down their computers due to the amount of space I was using. Ridley refuses to refund the advance payments made...Dummy me!
        Look like he run the hosting from his home?



        • I'm not satisfied with HostGator but have decided to stay with them for the time being.

          Basically, I register my domains with GoDaddy. I have been okay with them up to now.

          A while ago, I opted in for a reseller account because I work on a handful of websites at a time and it turned out to be cheaper and more convenient to use a reseller account than having a few shared accounts. I found HostGator to be reasonably priced for what I was looking for.

          I use the Aluminium package at £24.95/mo. Everything was fine from sign-up through to creating the private nameservers within my GoDaddy account, setting all of my domains to the private nameservers and then creating my first account via WHM, which pointed to the private nameservers. I created a few accounts after that, all of which pointed to the private nameservers.

          One day, I tried to create another account, for a project I was due to start work on. I ticked the box to use the private nameservers during the process of filling out the form for account creation. Only one of the private nameservers displayed. The other one remained stuck at HostGator's nameserver. For example, HostGator uses the websitewelcome nameservers (HostGator resellers will know what I mean). Mine, obviously are and So what I was seeing was and one of HostGator's nameservers instead of both of my private nameservers.

          So, I go to my GoDaddy account, and I check the nameservers for the domain in question. They were set to and I checked the actual nameservers that I registered too. They were fine, they were using the correct IP addresses that were provided to me by HostGator.

          So I get on HostGator's live chat. I talked at length with one of their techies. What it boiled down to was him blaming GoDaddy, telling me that they need to delete my private nameservers because the records didn't look right to him. That was after him having me check my nameservers etc.

          So I sent a copy of the transcript of the conversation with HostGator to GoDaddy, explaining the problem, and asking them to help. GoDaddy didn't even read my email properly, they just sent me a pre-recorded response pointing me to instructions about how to register private nameservers. I responded and told them to read my email instead of making assumptions. I got a response from their techie telling me that it's HostGator's fault. They provided me with some extra info they had found when they checked the DNS records etc.

          So today, I forwarded the emails from GoDaddy to HostGator and put my foot down, I told them I want it sorted ASAP. I was sick to the back teeth of being bounced backwards and forwards between two companies who have to be strong-armed into actually reading the contents of my emails! A techie responded with yet another pre-recorded email, telling me to read the instructions for creating private nameservers. I got mad. So I responded to him telling him to read my email again. Another techie replies and this time he tries to blame me, indirectly. So I responded telling him that I am not at fault, I know exactly how to register private nameservers and that I'm not incompetent. I told him that it isn't down to GoDaddy either. I told him that I would take my business elsewhere if they don't get it fixed and that they need to actually read my emails. At this point, they hadn't even gotten their hands dirty other than to look up a few things which were of no use.

          Next thing I know is, another techie replies and tells me he's done some digging around and he's manually added an A record, and that things should be resolved within a couple of hours. So I wait, and then I try creating the new account, and pointing it to my private nameservers. It works flawlessly.

          You see, I'm quite empathic. Throughout the time I've been talking to HostGator about this nameserver issue, I got a strong feeling that they seem to hire people with few qualifications to provide support, and the ones I dealt with were too lazy to read properly and take on board the information that's presented to them (I was very concise with the information I provided to them). It's that, "Don't care, can't be bothered, it's okay that'll do" attitude that I see too often these days. It's terrible!

          So I've been looking for a better host. HostGator has decent prices, decent specs, and their uptime is good but the support lacks a lot even though they respond with useless emails quickly.
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          Jeez... I can't believe my post count mostly consists of questions! :eek:


          • Oh, and I was looking at Hostgator but was put off the limiting the sql processes to 25 silultaneous a time.
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            • Just as well because that's not all that's wrong with them.
              Jeez... I can't believe my post count mostly consists of questions! :eek:


              • This is my first time running a forum and I am using

                The support is really good, always on hand if needed, excellent response from they're guys.
                Uptime is really good, only 2 major (more than 1hr) drop-outs in over 9 months, both of which were solved within 3hrs max.

                Price is reasonable as well.

                Will definately stay with these guys for the forseeable future.


                • RealWebHost

                  I have been running vbulletin sites for over 5 years. I started out with Real Web Host in the beginning. Then I got conservative and tried to get the most bandwidth and storage for a buck. I bounced from one host to another. This ended up being a major headache. I encountered way to much down time, lost a couple of databases, and the support I was needed was not there. Having paying advertisers and members that visit multiple times a day, I decided I had to go back to a reliable host. So...I went back to RealWebHost, and have been with them for over 3 years now. You pay for what you get.

                  I have a resellers account with RWH.

                  My uptime is around 99.9%
                  24/7 support
                  Joey has expierence with vBulletin. - He helped me out with an issue or two that I created.

                  Price - I could get hosting cheaper at other places, but I will never go down that road again.


                  • Originally posted by GreysAnatomy View Post
                    Now, I'm with
                    Their waiting times for responses are usually around 12h, but as I said: I'm in a different time-zone. The people are really helpful and friendly. The site is very complicated though and I can hardly find my way around to get to do what I want to because there's SurpassDomains.Com and SurpassHosting.Com which confuses me to no end. But that could be just me, hehe. They're very cool when it comes to vBulletin hosting and as I said, their special offer for 1$/year for any plan is still up.
                    I have been with Surpass Hosting for 5+ years. I originally started with an inexpensive shared hosting plan and they forced me to go to a dedicated server about 2 1/2 years ago. My forum has about 5000 users, 70,000 messages and 50-100 guests usually view at the same time. It actually ran fine on the shared server. The dedicated server is a modest Celeron 2.0 with 1 gig of memory and dual 80 gig HDs (one is backup). I am paying about $100 for this a month (Linux with Cpanel).

                    Everything ran fine for the most part until this week. Once in awhile I would get some error messages, but it not anything I needed to worry about too much. Now out of the blue, the "max connections" issue is cropping up continuously and crippling the entire server. So far Surpass Hosting server support has been inept and responses are getting slower and slower. This is advertised as a managed 24/7 server by the way. At this point my forum has been down for over 24 hours and probably down more than 40 hours over the last 3-4 days. The only "solution" they've offered to the database problem so far is moving up to a rocket speed server at about double the cost. This makes no sense as my forum traffic is actually down over the last few months and it ran fine on the current box for 2+ years. They seem totally clueless about vBulletin despite running it on their own site as a support forum. Even stranger, they reject vBulletin's recommended settings and argue with me about changing the configuration. Now I can't even get them to reboot the system. My trouble ticket was passed off to "level 3" support yesterday evening and I was told to "await their reply." Nearly 12 hours later, there's still no reply at all.

                    At this point, my patience is up and I am shopping for a new host. Any suggestions would be appreciated. My forum does related to the adult entertainment industry, so hosts that do not allow that won't work for me.
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                    • I wanted to post a follow up about Surpass Hosting. The following day, I received better help from them and the forum is running OK again.

                      I'm still displeased with how long it took for their assistance in resolving the problem and some of the lame support advice from some of their techs, but they eventually forwarded the trouble ticket to someone who really investigated it. For now I am going to stay with them, although if this sort of thing continues to happen, I will definitely switch to a new host.


                      • Stay away from webhost4life. Their tech support trouble tickets usually went like this:

                        Me: Site is down (this happened too often)
                        Them 2 hours later: Site looks ok now.
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                        • lunarpage and hostrocket are my favorite hosting companies.


                          • is very good company


                            • Lol i feel like laughing...cough.....cough. All these small hosting guys claim themself as if they own the company, u guys are simply the resellers...Wake UP.... They claim that we are the best , our up time is great blha blha blha but at the end of the day everybody truns out to be same. I mean these small fish are much more worst than a big one.

                              I've been traped by these small fish many times so no matter how bad customer service of company like GODADDY, DATAWORLD so and so. Its always good to go with them big one.

                              What do say guys?


                              • Originally posted by picky View Post
                                I've been traped by these small fish many times.
                                Simple Straight Forward EU cPanel vBulletin Web Hosting Provider.


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