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    URL -

    Currently using: Platinum Package

    My Boards

    • Exceptional, personal service
    • Very fast server
    • VERY quick support response
    • Friendly support forum community
    • Extremely knowledgeable Vbulletin support
    • Great prices, lots of features
    • Awesome control panel
    • Really nice guys

    • When I think of one, I'll let you know.



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      I've been a customer Late April 2001. I am very satisfied with this host. My site, although small and bland hehe, runs exceptionally fast. The download speeds for me are outstanding (250k+), setting up databases, emails, subdomains etc is extremely easy.

      I get alot for my money, and the support for me has been excellent. TT turnaround time for me is at the MOST replied to a day later, and thats for low/medium urgency TTs. High Urgency TT's are responded to within the hour usually. In fact this morning, my account was moved to a new server to lighten load, and while I was experiencing some problems, all of the problems were resolved very quickly, and my TT's were responded to very quickly.

      Excellent Price for what you get
      Outstanding Support
      Very fast speeds
      Great Uptime
      Problems are resolved quickly

      Response to TT (note, on my end at least, my TT's have been replied to very fast, but some ppl apparently have problems so its an issue to look into)
      TOS may be a bit confusing (it says all mp3s are banned, even though I think they mean only mp3s which you dont hold a copyright to. Not sure if they really mean the actual format is banned but I think it should be cleared up)

      Um, really cant think of any other cons. Hell, all I can say is that Im very satisfied with HR. The price, the features, the uptime, the support etc Im very happy with, and would suggest them in a heartbeat.
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        URL -

        Currently using: 350MB package


        * Exceptional, personal service
        * Very fast server
        * VERY quick support response
        * Friendly support forum community
        * Great prices, lots of features
        * Awesome control panel
        * Really nice guys


        * None yet.


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          Im the admin of i used to have a Semi Dedicated with ... and because of my heavy use of their Server i passed with them to a Dedicated one with a limit of 75GB of Bandwith ...

          The Service & Price is really excellent .. i passed through CIHost, A+ and HR and i must say that is the best one i've had.

          Pros :
          - Support mainly 24Hs via ICQ
          - Support via Mail 24Hs
          - Uptime
          - Service
          - Price
          - The way they take care of you
          - Speed

          Cons :
          - Not found yet ...


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            I've read more bad than good about HostRocket. I live in Canada, and when I try to even connect to their site, it takes forever to load. I've had good luck with Tera-Byte for Linux hosting, but the one drawback for their basic plan is that you only get 1 MySQL database.

            The best company I've ever dealt with is Softcom:

            They are the main hosting company I use and I have used them since 1996. They are unfortunately only a Windows hoster at this time, but for my main site that is all I needed. If they ever got PHP and MySQL then I would be there in a flsh with every account I have.

            I just wanted to make a note that I just recently purchased vBulletin. I've tried a few other GPL ones and most were good, but I'm not a PHP guru and wanted a board that was more or less bug free so that I could get another site up and running in short order. Let's hope that is the case.


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              Plan: Special plan arranged with the owner.

              I only installed my vB last night. No problems so far. Really cheap and haven't seen their servers offline so I assume it's 99%.


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                I have also been using softcom ( for a couple years now.

                pros: quick, reliable uptime. nice webtrends reports generated quickly and emailed within minutes of being requested. good response time on email tech support. $10/month on a month-to-month contract is quite good.

                cons: no perl/sql/php. that's why i'm looking for a new host - i want to implement these in my site. i also like to have someone to call if there is a prob, even though email responses were always 24hrs or less and problems were well-handled.

                i just opened an account with hostrocket last night. i've been researching them all day (i know, impulse control problem...). i was initially quite excited about the awesome features they offer for a cheap price, but i worry about uptime and reliable teach support. there are mixed reports all over the internet - very love/hate. i suspect they go to great pains to secretly toot their own horn in message forums like this.

                in hostrocket's favor - my account was totally setup and functional within minutes, and i haven't hit any major snags yet in the transfer. their website has a lot of misspellings and is not really complete - looks like a work in progress. that makes me a bit nervous. i only signed up for a month - we'll see.



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                  i am also using HostRocket and am very pleased.

                  MCSE, MVP, CCIE
                  Microsoft Beta Team


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                    Currently using Enterprise package with 5 gb additional bandwidth per month for a total of 15 I believe

                    Pros: EXCELLENT customer support, easy to use control panels.
                    Excellent uptime. Very fast servers (Dual p3's) Some free scripts.

                    Cons: Bandwidth is a bit steep, sometimes mysql is quirky.

                    I'd reccomend it


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             dedicated #1 package w/ 512MB RAM

                      i have been with them for a few months now...

                      my site on their servers: or

                      -basically everything you would expect from a dedicated server... fast, lots of capacity, etc.
                      -cheaper than some but also more expensive than some. i certainly think the "bang for your buck" factor is there.
                      -eva lieks them... lots of vb peeps are with VO (both dedi and shared)

                      -the DoS attacks on the Verio NOC a while back... they caused my site to be "intermitant" for a little while. but VO handled the situation well and i haven't had problems since.
                      -25gigs of monthly bandwidth... just seems like a small number (even though my site doesn't even come close to using that much).

                      i can't really say anything about their customer service since i don't deal directly with them (i share the server and my partner handles all the "paperwork" ). all i know is that i hear lots of good stuff about their service. i am very pleased with the server performance and uptime (100% since they resolved that DoS issue). pings and traceroutes always come back good. i guess Verio is one of the better NOCs to be on (hear-say).

                      in conclusion: jake liek VO


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                        Host: Liquid Web
                        Plan: Professional


                        -unlimited mysql databases
                        -unlimited FTP Accounts
                        -unlimited Subdomains
                        -gzip enabled
                        -vbulletin seems to run very fast on their servers and i never seemed to get any errors with the database and such. Since my board isnt a high traffic board i wouldnt know about max connections but it didnt seem to slow at all with 32 people connected.


                        - Uptime is hardly marginal, my site is down at least 1 day a month when they claim to have 99.9% uptime, but my competitor is also hosted on liquid web and he seems to always be up. So when i called and asked for them to switch the server my host was on they just ignored me which gets me to my next point.

                        - horrible tech support. I have had countless problems that havent been delt with. (1) my stmp server does not work therefore making me have to go through the web based email to send emails, basically a hassle. When i contacted the tech support about them it seemed to go very well i sent about 5 emails to a tech there and he'd reply and it seemed like we were going to fix it. Then i sent an email and i NEVER got a response again, it just seemed to stop. (2) i have to add a line to "index" my directories everytime i want to create a subdomain. I used to be able to just click add subdomain and it would add one now i am forced to "index" it with .htaccess before it will work another hassle. Like with the stmp server it worked when i first got them as a host back in january of 2001 but then stopped working around June with my STMP server. I again contacted tech support and they said they didnt know how to fix this other than using the index method? (and they are suppose to be a webhost?)


                        Looks good at first glance but if you have a problem watch out it probably wont get fixed. I do not recommend this host to anyone. And i myself am looking for a new host.
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                          Updated 11/19/2002

                          HostPro- Great service, fantastic customer support. Packages are easily upgradeable and service stable. Enjoyed my stay at the time.

                          Verio- Elite in my opinion. And of course you do pay for it. Get out the wallet or get a second mortgage to afford the dedicated servers. Short stay for me, just don't have this type of funds available for long term at this point.

                          HostWay- MySQL is served on a seperate server with a dB limit of 10Megs per dB. Good Company with fair support return. Not reccomended for MySQL/PHP apps at this point. Additional charges for any disk usage over 10M db and you cannot use your main disk usage towards the db. Additional db's over 1 has a charge of $10.00 per db and includes another 10M of disk space.
                          Spent some time here but had problems when I dumped UBB for vBulletin. HostWay's drive does not seem to be towards mySQL and PHP accounts. Another item not seen much amoung other hosts is that file storage is limited to a certain number of files. 10,000 in my case. So if you had physical space of say 200Megs and had 12,000 files that used 100Megs, you would have to pay for additional file storage regardless of how much physical HD space you had left. I never had 10,000 files so It didn't affect me. Never have seen this previous or since though. So if you have a gazillion files to store, go somewhere that will let you use the physical space advertised. All in all, You have much better hosting options available no matter if rated top 5 in the hostingindex or not. Could possibly nickel and dime you to death.

                          (Note: this was at the time of service. Maybe things have changed.)

                          Ventures Online - Fast dependable service, an attitude of caring. Packages with adequate resources including "powerful hardware". Prices that match. A Customer Desk for support questions and answers in a short amount of time and by people who can answer the questions. The group seems to be working diligently to provide the best for the money. Reasonable Dedicated Server pricing. Currently one of the best performance/price ratio I have found. Not Bad.

                          Bizland- Excellent service, support and pricing. Just recently upgraded to allow cgi scripting. Extremely fast servers. Online technical chat for help. Quick responses from tech support. No current mysql/php. This would be my second choice for my hosting if mysql and php were not needed. A fine Hosting option for virtual accounts.

                          Update: Since my original post sometime back, I believe Bizland now supports PHP. I didn't see mySQL though.

                          THinkHost - Don't waste your time or money. Lousy attitude and service. Worst hosting experience I ever had. I only hope they have improved customer relations over the previous year. I do mean a terrible experience too. Just plain lousy.

                          ?- (opinion inconclusive) so I removed their name.

                          I left on good terms, standings and with paid to date accounts with the above over time and with different sites. I could return to any of them.

                          These are my opinions and experience. Yours may differ from above.

                          ===========Update 11/19/2002=============

                 After reviewing the above companies over the course of a year or three, I decided it was time to do better.

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                            Since my last testimonial i have moved hosting companys.

                            Host: Ventures Online
                            Package: Virtual Server - V500 Package


                            - EXCELLENT TECH SUPPORT! this in my opinion is the best i have ever been able to work with. The average turn around time on a support ticket is 5 minutes. And they all have a caring attitude. For example. My site was going very slow so they restarted the server for me. NOW THAT IS SUPPORT. (view attachment for proof).

                            - Fast Servers. Now i must say i log in faster to my FTP Account then any of my previous hosting companys (Liquidweb, Prohosting). And my site is just in general very fast. That includes MySQL.

                            - i uploaded a test forum for vBulletin so i can work on hacks and such and let me tell you my vBulletin just flys .

                            - Cheap. Let me see this is pretty cheap for what they give you. Especially the world class support i receive.

                            Cons: If i find one ill tell you.

                            This attachment is of my emails look at the times .


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                              I have been having problems with Ventures Online. I stayed with the company through three back to back moves. This is not exactly their fault, the facility they rented to house their servers in went bottoms up and they had to get out in a hurry. However. I have a lot of sites on a server with them and every time they go down, all my sites go down with them. And I have to answer to clients, when client sites go down.

                              Since the last move, regularly, mysql data bases go down and get error messages. And sites are going offline every day off and on at intermittent periods with no notice. This has been going on since Jan 15. Over a month. When allegedly server mayhem would discontinue after the final move on Jan 19. For me that is a long time to be patient. And while customer support is always responsive, my personal goal is, I do not want to have to contact customer support at all. I want things to work so I do not have to contact customer support. So it is nice they respond quickly but the problem for me is I have to contact them and they have to respond in the first place.

                              It is a nasty situation because I do not want the headache of shifting mysql data bases, and if I start moving domains it will be in increments, move one, test the new host, move the next, wait and see. Move the next. I am real unhappy even at the prospect.

                              However after a month of continuous service interruption on all sites I have to start looking into this. Sigh.



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                                I have to give another hearty recommendation to KDA Web Services, they are the best host I've had in the past 3 years. The server performance is fantastic, vB flies on there


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