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  • Originally posted by aranthorn
    Just started using iPower. I have to say their customer service is very nice and polite, but that's about all I can say for it. I guess you get what you pay for...

    Celeron 2.8 GHz, 512 MB RAM, 80GB HD, 1 TB transfer, Plesk Control Panel lic. for 10 domains, Fedora Core 2 and a few freebies for under $70 US/month.

    Had to update MySQL and PHP, but after that the server's running like a champ
    yeah , I had them as shared for awhile and now I'm running VPS-they are pretty good. The customer service is a little slow for my taste but the actual service works.

    People on shared plans will be having issues with 3.5 because it does table locking now.


    • Table locking? Whats 3.5 got over 3.0 thats must have anyway? There a half decent host that just painly supports everything vB needs or not? I've got 3.0.7 on there now because its the latest stable.
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      • I was playing with 3.5 and it requires that MySQL accounts have the 'lock tables' privvies. The good news is that the techs will give the user the permission. The bad news is that you have to submit a ticket. Now that I'm on VPS I don't have to anymore-which reminds me I need to put my test board back up. When is B4 coming out? :P

        BTW, 3.5 has Ajax, which will be more popular than free ********.

        anyway IPower has been consistently reliable for me and the price is right. I switched to them from Midphase who had REALLY responsive tech support (within minutes) but the database server went down at least once a day for an hour and they refused to accept blame for it. They kept telling me that my scripts (vB...) were buggy.


        • Originally posted by JPT62089
          It is because VizaWeb is U.S. based. They only have staff in the U.S. So you would have to wait a while to get a response... When I first recommended Vizaweb I did not know you were in the Netherlands.... Next time please post this in your first post instead of waiting until the last minute.

          I am sorry for anything 'wrong' I might have done...
          What on earth are you talking about, it does not matter if you live in timbucktoo just as long as you had an internet connection, and could eventually through persistence get Vizaweb to answer there bloody emails.

          You affiliates will say any old rubbish to get commisions. I think any further posts by JPT62089 who has already admitted to being an affiliate should be removed, and save innocent folk from being sucked in.


          • I have used aplushosting for two years and really like them. Tech support is almost instant, and for the non coder, that is absolutely necessary. You can see their plans here: I run the complete II plan. It can be a bit slow from time to time, but for the most part they are great. One con I have with them, is that for two years in a row, they did not notify me that I needed to renew my domain before it expired. I don't remember all these things, and when the site goes down, then they tell me, "oh yeah. you need to put in a ticket and pay for renewal." I payed, it was back up in minutes, and of course, then I get the renewal email. LOL But overall, I am pleased with them. ANy changes are basically instant, and tech is spot on.

            Now.. I recently started my own business, so was already spending a ton of money, and opted for a a web special I saw on is crap. AT first it seemed great- I put the base site up and it was fast, fast, fast. But then I went to put up the board and saw that they had not placed me on the right plan. 40.00 into it, whats another 15.00? Ok, up my plan. This takes them 2 hours. Ok fine. I went to tech support to ask another question, and they use a live chat system that takes forever to load and use. I closed it out mid converstation it was so frustrating.

            Finally it was all set up. I have the new plan which comes with a control panel and lots of goodies, so I was a bit giddy until put up the board. First off, you get the plan, but you dont have access to the mySQL for a while until they set up your database. It comes with phpmyadmin, and when you go there, there is a "test" database that is shared among everyone else on the shared server, and then they place yours. You can't change the name of it either. You are assigned the name, and the username, you can only control the password. Then I installed the board, and it moves like a snail going to a funural. It is empty, and moves like sludge. So I emailed tech support to see what the issue was- why the site was fast, but the board was slow. It took them 19 hours to respond. And they came back and said, "that is interesting." Oy.
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            • I'll throw in the towel here too I guess.

              Ive been with for a good while now.

              After plowing through all the bigger hosting names and never even being remotely impressed with the long term service, or what I got for the price (some were cheap but hey, is cheap worth downtime or 24 hours to hear back from support? hell no)...I came across e2, times were tight in college, maybe I spent too much money on beer or something, but I needed to drop my expensive hosting package at some highend place I was with at the time for for freelance work and school...

              so I signed up for e2 and havent ever turned back. Instant AIM support, uptime is rock solid, a ton of big-name sites on their client list, very personal feel, and they even know a little bit about vbulletin...haha

              I give em'two thumbs up!
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              • Hello,

                Host: Superusers
                Plan: any of the more expensive ones

                I have been using them now for roughly 2 years. My sites are fairly fast, I have unlimited email, etc. The problem with them is support. There isn't any. They claim support 24/7, and they are full of it.

                I have called, and ALWAYS get a machine. I email them and NEVER get a response.

                Beyond the complete lack of support, I have been happy with the actual servers. One of my sites was lagging horribly, I sent an email, and they must have moved the site to another server because it picked up dramatically. (I have 5 sites hosted with them.)

                I am in the process of looking for another server though as I do not like paying for a support that is non existant. If they actually had support, I wouldn't have much to say about them. Beyond the support issues, they are great. (At least in my 2 years of experience.)
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                • Ipowerweb all cons and nothing good to say. Stay away from them if possible.


                  • Anything on Vista Pages?



                    • Since I wrote it out - might as well link it where I should have posted it to begin with -

                      (on EV1)


                      • host :

                        plan ... 95 bucks a year and got a domain for free as well for one year ...

                        5 gb space and 10 gb bandwidth daily ...

                        my site is at :

                        and forum is at -

                        There are some downtimes but other than that its pretty decent for the price that we pay



                        • Hi, after a detailed study of different choices, reading tons of reviews, testimonials and every single reference we found, we chose hosting and after our first month i can say its a very reliable service and their tech support availability is very acceptable even when I showed complete ignorance installing and setting up our forum (because it was the first time we move our forum).

                          There are a lot of hosting services around, but this surely works very well.


                          PD. I only make this pseudo-review because I used this thread in my investigation.


                          • I don't know how people give comment about ASO.... sometime I just sense that most of the people who talk about ASO are associated with them (business)..... just a spaculation....

                            I too studied a lot and still doing, I talked to ASO, regarding set up of my site. Initially they said we will do but

                            later on they said they can't because their Cpannel and mine was different and they even deny to do for mysql.

                            My point is if they are really do that they could do by downloading and uploading the site and same with mysql back up and re-install data.

                            When you see things far from a distance it looks good but when you reach close enough you regret for it.


                            • Getting ready to switch hosts and am looking at ASO but it strikes me odd that there is nowhere (that I can see anyway) on their site that shows details of what each plan offers. You click on a link and it starts taking you through the purchase process. Very odd.


                              • It is there you just need to click on the Features link if I remember correctly.


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