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  • $10 per month

    Hello, as you can see I'm a poor guy.

    I need a host for $10 per month, not more. This will ONLY host vbulletin (which I'll buy as soon as i know where I'll host it).

    The forum I have right now makes about 60,000 pageviews per month, and about 30 new posts per day. Right now I do not ask for registration therefore I can not say how many users are online at the same time.

    Could you please suggest me a company suiting to my needs and budget?

    Thanks a lot!

    P.S. I did already look at but I would really be HAPPY if you 'happy Vbulletin users' could give me 2 cents too. cheers!
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    Ok, these are in no particular order but people from VB and webshostingtalk like (my host)
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      they host vbulletin boards, i have one on their, they will do it for $44 a year. They have had 100% uptime since i was with them.


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        Originally posted by sparta
        Only 1GB of Monthly Transfer
        Downtown Host LLC - Shared Web Hosting - Offering the best service since 2001.
        LiteSpeed Support - Vbulletin Optimized servers


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          I looked at the and saw that they have a economy plan. Is it enough with webspace (300mb) and bandwidth(12gb) if I have a site just like tortellini's?


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            You should be alright with those numbers. The only question is how many active users do you have on your BB at a time, if it is more than 20 than you might think about going semi-dedicated, if under than Hostrocket will be perfect for you. Also, it would help if you gave us your url so we could take a look at your site, because some sites have a ton a images, which is more bandwidth, while others, like mine have very few. But hostrocket is a great host, so I hope you decide to go with them.


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              Thank you for your answer steven.
              I can't give you the url because i haven't set up the site yet


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                sorry for this probably stupid question.. .but what do you understand exactly as "semi-dedicated"? just bigger plans with some gigs of webspace?

       i saw that offers something for $100 or so, and you get 5gigs of webspace. Is something like this a "semi-dedicated?

                sorry for my stupidity

                further... a general question:

                what do you think about splitting up an entire website to different hosts? The ENTIRE website I'm running makes about 30 gigs of traffic per month (just the forum as told before is quite small). Would it be a solution to have

                1 BIG account like offers for -> vbulletin
                1 BIG account for Links SQL2
                1 BIG account for all the other stuf which is just bandwith intenisive but not cpu/memory intensive?

                this would cost about $200 per month... without having to get a dedicated server + backup which will cost more than this.

                cheers again
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                  semi-dedicated? what is that? that is only the name of a plan..
                  There are.. Dedicated server and virtual hosting.. nothing else... .shared server, shared hosting.. that's are only marketing things.
                  The only way that I see to have a semi dedicated is if I buy my server and I share with a friend.
                  or do you think that hostrocket have 2 accounts per server?
                  Or 20? or 30? or 60?
                  Have more than that... I'm pretty sure of that.
                  Downtown Host LLC - Shared Web Hosting - Offering the best service since 2001.
                  LiteSpeed Support - Vbulletin Optimized servers


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                    Semi-Dedicated is a a server that hosts only 5-15 websites so the server will never be overrun by other sites running heavy mysql or other processes. You will also get more space and bandwidth, but really what you are paying for is piece of mind. To know that your site is not on a server with 300 other sites, and you are given all the support of a shared account, since it is not a dedicated server. Some hosting companies such as vservers offer root access on semi-dedicated acounts. Root access allows you to install the applications you want to run on your server.

                    Jedito and tortellini-
                    Hopefully you now will have a better understanding as to what semi-dedicated hosting is. It is not just a marketing tool. As far as hostrocket servers, I'm not sure about the exact amount of sites on their servers, but I know that it is more than 60, otherwise they wouldn't be making any money , so it is probably around 100-200 or so. One thing about hostrocket though is the fact they their support is great. They are quick and efficient.

                    about splitting up an entire website to different hosts I don't think that that is a good idea. You can split the website onto two servers if you wanted, maybe one for mysql and the other for all the other processes, and that I heard is a good idea, but only if you have the resources to do so. Check out for comments about burst, maybe you could find a better company.


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                      Steven.. I know what is a semi dedicated.. but What I wanna say.. is that Hostrocket don't host you in a semi dedicated.. a semi dedicated allow at most.. 10 accounts.
                      and Hostrocket I'm sure that host more than 60 accounts in the same server
                      Downtown Host LLC - Shared Web Hosting - Offering the best service since 2001.
                      LiteSpeed Support - Vbulletin Optimized servers


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                        the $10 question is the same one I have. I will only need minimal accomodation because my site will be for a specific user group( Jogging enthusiasts).

                        We will just need it to converse amongst ourselves and find other jogging partners.

                        Can I do this for $10 per month atleast in the beginning?

                        Second, is it wise to give network solutions their 70dollar domainname renewal fee which will last one year. Or are there other options?


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                          hostrocket is the first one that comes to mind for $10 a month. Get some testimonials on uptime first though. Some people complain of terrible uptime with them, others like them fine. I'm on their corporate plan and uptime is good.


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                            for domainregistrations... I suggest I've about 30 domains with them... $15 each per year


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                              15 dollars!

                              Can I get the domain name I have through network solutions to be pointed at my new web board on Hostrockets servers by Directnic.

                              In other words can Directnic just start handling all of my IP stuff or would I need to get a new domain through them?

                              ..And about hostrocket reliability, I have heard a lot of good things about them that overshadows the bad. They're like the main option for most people so I think I'll end up taking my chances.

                              You know, none of that that stuff worries me like the negative remarks people have for anybody that admits they are a total newbie and want to do a vb with the php and mysql and stuff.

                              How hard could it be with good directions and patience?

                              Anybody care to splurb to a newbie on the things to do right.


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